Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Resolution

Yes I am making one.

I am making two actually but one is embedded in the other. The first is the run the 2012 NYC Marathon. Now, to be fair I have been working on this in 2011. I received a guaranteed spot in 2012 from joining NYRR and following the rules for an automatic entry (run 9 NY races and volunteer one).

The second Resolution is to run 365 miles in 2012. Now I know this might seem like I am making an easy one since my training alone will have me run plenty, but 365 miles is a lot and a perfect attainable goal to me.

This blog will be about my daily struggles to maintain my Resolution on track and what goes along with it. Any progress I make prior to Jan 1st will not be counted toward the 365 goal.

Here is a little about myself so you can get an idea of how hard/easy the next years path will be for me. I do run, obviously with qualifying, but sometimes I am really focused and consistent and sometimes...not so much. I have ran many races, but the longest timed race I did was 10 miles. I am not sure exactly how far the longest I have ever run because I tend to run using time instead of distance. When I train for a long race I usually run until I don't feel like running anymore, so the longest time I ever ran was 2 1/2 hours. My pace is usually somewhere between 9 to 10 minutes. Currently, I am about 25lbs overweight. I have started eating more healthy and joined weight watchers three weeks ago to try and lose the weight before I start seriously training. I will be running during the next couple of months to log my miles for the 365 goal, but I will not seriously start training until May/Junish for the Marathon. I hope to be down the 25lbs by then. I must say Weight Watchers is great. So far I lost 6lbs in the 3 weeks I have been on it!

Well, there you have it. What are your resolutions and how do you plan on completing them?

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