Thursday, February 28, 2013


I joined an online Dietbet!

It's a pretty cool idea, you put in $20 and so does everyone else who is doing the bet.  If you lose 4% in one month then you are part of the individuals who split the total pot!  I read about it on and I am really excited to start.  I am starting a day late though since I just saw it now and I have to have a picture taken of me standing on the scale full body by someone else and then the number on the scale to prevent cheating. I weighed myself this am and it was ugly, 180lbs.  But I didn't take any pictures etc, so I'll just have B take those photos and fully weigh in tomorrow.  If I weigh in tomorrow at 180lbs then I will have to lose 7.2lbs.  That is a fully obtainable goal and one that I really need to hit.  The official wedding countdown is six months.  Six months to a strapless gown geez!!!!!  You can do this bet from anywhere and the pot is up to $5,520 as of right now!  It ends March 29th though so the longer you wait the less time you have to lose the 4%.

If you decide to do it let me know, maybe we could help keep track of each other!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hump Day

This week has been slow at work.  After a couple of months of hard constant work I am so happy to have down time, although now that is Wednesday I'm bored!  The Internet is eh, I'm all caught up on wedding items I was backed up on and I asked my boss and other department management if there is anything I can help with.  Work will pick up next week so I guess I should be grateful for the downtime.

I cleaned, but to tell you the truth when I took the photos my apartment wasn't really that bad.  I guess I just needed a deep clean, so the deep messiness didn't show up in the photos. 

Here is my kitchen with Clyde trying to get a little of whatever the sink had.

And here is the living room, not really that bad. 

We are doing a little surprise for our wedding table numbers which is making me look through so many memories.  Photos really are so amazing, it makes me so happy to see them and remember things that haven't been in my mind for years.  Check out this picture of me when I was little!  Banana curls!  What little girl didn't have Banana curls!  Shortly after this year my mom chopped off all my hair, glad she got this one before she did!

B and I have been really good so far this week.  We have been eating clean, bringing our lunch to work and walking everywhere.  I am excited to see the weigh in results on Sunday.  We are doing it together and it is 150% better to have a healthier lifestyle with the other person in your house doing the same thing.  I haven't started running yet but plan on doing a run on Saturday morning. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Marathon....

Take 2! 

I know I have taken a total hiatus, I have taken a total hiatus in my life too.  Since the 2013 Marathon got cancelled I have not run at all.  Perhaps a slight jog across the street if a car is coming.  So needless to say, I am completely out of shape.  This morning I woke up and walked C with Brendan and although it was a fast paced walk I started to get excited for my training again.  The weather is starting to thaw ever so slightly and I'm starting to look at music.  That was one issue that I am definitely going to be ready for this year, a massive music selection.  I got so sick and tired of my IPod that I asked to borrow my girl friends.  I need to make sure I have a larger music selection so I do not get bored of the same songs and stay motivated.

I am running a short race in April (4miles) and I am going to ease into running again this week.  Perhaps one mile run, one mile walk, or I'll just see how my legs feel.  I know it will be another battle of long distant runs and hills and chaffing and losing toe nails but this year I'm pumped!  I might not have run the marathon last year, but I was ready and this year I know what to expect!

Last year during my training I ran 335 miles.  That is about the length of the state of Alabama!  I could have ran to Connecticut and back and still have mileage to spare.  That is about a six hour drive if you are driving on a highway.  Hmmm, that analogy doesn't sound so cool :(  Well it is a hell of a lot of miles and I am going to do it again.  My official training will begin again the first week in July, but I am going to be in running ready shape so my long run for that week will be a breeze. 

I will say although I loved being lazy I hated how it makes me feel.  I don't feel good about myself, I'm tired, I'm weak, I get angry faster and I am more negative.  There are so many reasons to exercise, but taking time off you can literally feel and see the changes within yourself. 

Since I am getting back into running, not full on training mode but running, I will be posting again regularly.  Tonight is a busy night of grocery shopping and cleaning the apartment.  We should have done this on the weekend, but the laziness took over.  See, it's horrible!  I'll post some before/after pics so you can see the lazy den we have been hiding in all winter!