Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Outside Run

I got an outside run in this weekend. I ran with my friend who is a bit slower than me, so the last mile I sprinted. It felt wonderful! It was cold out but around mile 1 I felt fine. We went to an off leash trail so my dog was in heaven, well at least for mile 1-3. He was sniffing and going at his own pace, so happy! Then the last loop around, he dragged big time! Poor little fella! I won't be taking him any further than 3 miles going forward. He needs to lose 7lbs, so hopefully the run got him down at least one :)

I weighed in today. Up 0.8lbs. Honestly I'm not happy but I'm not horribly upset. I did go on vacation, took some tracking time off and 0.8lbs isn't that hard to bounce back from. This week I am tracking and my goal is to lose 2lbs next Tues.

I have a bachelorette this Sat, so that will be a test, but I'm ready for it my friend! Check out my goal, it is creeping up! Yay!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Catch Up

Ok, so I have a ton to catch up on ha!

First, let me say that food/weight wise I have been slacking since my engagement. It has been a tad difficult, I haven't lost, but I haven't gained, just working out to maintain which is, well what it is.

I'M ENGAGED! It was all very exciting. I knew I was going on vacation and B and I have been together for about six years, so I was kind of thinking it was going to happen on vacation. Well, he surprised me :) He proposed the Friday before we left. We went to eat at a nice Mexican restaurant, then we walked to get a drink at a bar by Central Park. While walking through Central Park he stopped. I turned around to see why and there he was, not exactly kneeling, but kind of squatting with a ring. It was awkward and cute, just like he is! Afterward I wanted to call everyone I knew of course. He said, no lets just have one drink as Fiancees and then we can start calling. Although I was itching to dial, I agreed it would be nice. When we got to the bar, a super nice bar in Manhattan overlooking all of Central Park, all of our family and close friends where there! He planned to have them all there to celebrate. It was magical and a really fun night.

JAMAICA! I have been to a bunch of islands (Bermuda, Bahamas, Hawaii) and the time we spent in Jamaica was the most relaxing I have ever spent. We stayed in two parts. The first part of the trip we stayed in Negril and the resort was amazing, it is called the Rockhouse, however you really wouldn't want to leave the resort. We were able to jump off cliffs into the ocean, relax, nap, spa it up, the usual. The second place we stayed at, Jake's, was special. It is on the south coast of Jamaica in Treasure Beach which is a farming/fishing area. There were so many farms and the vibe is super relaxed and friendly. You can definitely leave the resort and bike, swim, do anything you want really. We will be going back as soon as time and money allows! I am going to post some pictures soon.

Although Jamaica was amazing, it definitely helped with me being lazy! I got used to doing some swimming, going to our villa and sleeping, waking up eating, swim, sleep, eat, you get the routine. I am going to the gym, but I didn't kick my vacation eating mentality yet. It also doesn't help that it is my (awkward cough) time of the month! Damn you bloating and urges to down candy!

I have a weekend full of family, friends and fitness! I will fill you in on the outcome on Monday! Ciao Bellas!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wild Week

I'm engaged and I went to Jamaica for a week! Holy hell this has been one wild week! Will give update as soon as I can! I am so in love with life right now!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl....of fat!

This week was overall pretty good. Last week I was really strict with tracking and watching, this week I was just as strict with tracking, except for yesterday! Superbowl Sunday!!! In the morning I ate an egg white omelet with tomato, onion and american cheese. Lunch was celery with french onion dip and a small piece of sausage bread (I was at my grams so looking for healthy stuff was tough!). Dinner, well it started off good. My man made amazing Turkey Chili, all fresh ingredients too! Amazing! I had a cup of that over some brown rice. Then all hell broke loose! I had peperoni bread, cheese & crackers, a ton of Buffalo Chicken dip (I did eat that with veggies instead of tortilla chips) and something called puppy chow???? Have you ever heard of it? It is like crack! Here is a recipe and picture. Seriously one of the best sweets I ever had and completely loaded with bad stuff!

For booze I had one glass of Skinny girl Margarita. I must say, I was impressed! I don't usually like margaritas because they are too sweet. This was not over the top sweet and the fact that is low cal is a plus! I would def grab more of that!

I did get a run in this weekend and it felt good, well that was until I showered. Something weird happened. I am pretty sure I was dehydrated. I didn't want to spend $$ on a water bottle (mistake) so I worked out and only took a few dixie cup glasses of water in between my run and bike workouts. After a hot shower, I felt so dizzy and sick that I had to run to the bathroom to vomit!!!! Insanity! I will never do that again! Immediately after I gained somewhat composure I got dressed and headed to the gym cafe and got a water and ate half a peanut butter/banana sandwich. I waited there for a couple of minutes while drinking and eating and felt fine. It is so weird how your body reacts when you do not take care of it correctly. I will always have a large water with me from now on! Lesson learned!