Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm a loser...of fat :) I lost 3lbs this week, wahoo!! That means that I am down a total of 12 since starting! So happy with this weigh in! This weekend was the shower, check out a picture, I'm in the polka dots!

I was being a good bridesmaid and organzing gifts as my bride opened. I was super nervous about the shower. One I was nervous about how much I would eat drink, but it ended up being ok. I kept my eating down to a ton of veggies and a decent sized dinner. However this happened to be the most fun shower ever and we ended up dancing until 3am. I am thinking I probably worked off some of those calories. Oh and I loaded up on wine woopsies! Sunday I ate ok, a lot of carbs though. Exercise wise I took a long walk on Saturday and danced and danced and on Sunday I was lazy. Last night I hit up an hour spin class and sweat it up! I got a really bad nights sleep so I'm going to go home after work, eat dinner and just take my dog out for a long walk. I plan to get a run in on Wed though :) I leave for Jamaica in a week and half. I know this is a crazy goal but I would love to lose 4lbs by then! I'm going to hit it hard my friends! (the gym that is)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Holy Yogurt!

I have never been a fan of grabbing yogurts for breakfast. Actually I don't like breakfast that much at all, however since I started being more healthy I eat breakfast every morning. Usually it is two slices of multi grain toast with one tablespoon of peanut butter (6WW+ points). Well I really want to maximize my points later. I love lunch and dinner so using 6 points early is bothering me. Yesterday I had Raisin Bran with 1/2 cup skim milke (5 points) and it was good but not amazing. This morning I reached for a Greek Yogurt. Soooooo yummy! I have never had the non fat blueberry on the bottom Chobani Yogurt, I have tried other brands of fat free and I didn't like them. This one is a horse of a different color! Best part is that it is only 3 points! Wahoo! I am not sure what I'm going to do for lunch, probably chicken noodle soup and toast maybe. I need a carb at lunch!

Last night for activity I was kind of lame. I went for a long walk with my dog and boyfriend, so it wasn't high intensity but it felt good and it was after dinner so it was nice to do something after eating. I usually go to the gym after work so I eat when I go home and kind of just lay around. Tonight I plan on going to the gym and doing a run/walk plan. One hour on the treadmill one mile run, one mile walk. I will have time so I'm going to try and get some arm lifts in and I really need to start doing abs. It is weird as I'm losing weight my stomach is one of the first places I lose but I never work it out. I really hate doing abs because I am so weak. Legs, no problem, arms, I can push myself, abs, bleh. Once I get down to 170 I'm going to start taking the abs classes offered at the gym. I know I probably won't be able to do most of the activity at first, but I really want to be strong for the marathon.

Food wise I have been good. This week I am going to track EVERYTHING to see if there is a difference. Since last week I shit the bed and didn't lose (or gain thank god) even though I definitely was eating bad on the weekend, I want to give the program my all this week. Hopefully seeing the number go down will make me be more accountable for tracking!

Until tomorrow :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Etools with WW, rock! I just got on and started using them today and I must say, very user friendly. Highly recommend to any new WW people! I weighed in today. Nadda. No gain, no lose. I guess I'm ok with it. I did over induldge this weekend so I should be happy with no gain, but I'm not! Not that I think I deserve a loss, but I'm upset I didn't work hard enough to lose one this week. That is why I went on etools today. Manually writing it all down is annoying and I just don't do it. Online is much more my flow. This week I'm going to write all my food down and stay within points and see where I land next Tuesday. I'm averaging a 1.2lb loss per week....this pace will get me to my destination, slow as hell, but it will :)

I hit the gym last night and ran 2 miles and then did the bike for 20min. I got up this am for a 30min Eliptical and 10min up hill walk. Like I said last post my week last week was just so hectic and non active that I'm just going to get a little gym whenever I can! So these little 40min workouts are going to have to be good enough until I can get the time to focus and spend on weights, etc.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Coming down

Well to say these last couple of weeks have been busy would be the understatement of the year! I have been swamped! Working like a mad woman and getting things together for friends showers, birthdays, babies, whatever! Life is coming at me hard!!!

First the pros:
1. Get to spend quality time with good friends
2. Having great food, wine & convo
3. Each time something is completed there is an immediate feeling of gratification
4. I never am bored
5. Learning

1. Constant feeling of exhaustion
2. Not much time for physical activity
3. Stress from lack of time vs stuff need to be done
4. Time is flying by

So overall on the stats: I lost one pound last week (total 9lbs since first started week of 12/05). I weigh in tomorrow. I'm going to hit the gym HARD tonight! I got to the gym on Sat (definitely did not want to go) but ran and felt great. Knocked three miles off my goal. I haven't run in a week or two, instead I have been going to spin. I love both of those activities right now. I might try a new one this week, but those are the classic go tos. I knocked a TON off my "to do list". The shower that I am throwing (with other bridesmaids) is pretty much all prepared, we are finalizing the bacherlette party this week. Those where both major stressers in my head! A large project at work is coming to a close, also a huge releif. In three weeks I'm goign to Jamiaca so honestly I'm going to close the books on a lot of stuff so when I'm down there I can just be complete Zen!!!

I have some more stuff to write about, but not enough time now and no pics sorry :( I definitly will be posting my weight loss (or gain :( ) tomorrow, with some more updates!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have much to report, but so busy today. Last night I didn't make it home from work until 11pm, then had to get up early and come right back! So sleepy! I had an amazing weekend, but no time to tell blogspace about it! I'll try get to a good post tonight, but if not definately tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sometimes Life Happens....

Last night I got free tickets to see the Rangers play the Coyotes!!! The seats where awesome. They were at MSG and about 20 seats from the rink. It was my first professional Hockey game and it did not dissapoint. It went into a second round shoot out! The vibe was fun and the arena was really very nice. I haven't been to MSG since 2004. Overall a great night for B and I. We started off by going to a place by his office, HB Burger. It was very tasty. I had two classes of Chard and a Prime burger w/out the bun and a side salad instead of fries. The burger was to die for and complemented the salad better than fries would have! I also had one of the fried pickle spears and one of the "tator tots" B ordered for an appitizer. At the ice rink I had one cider and one more glass of wine. I did a lot of walking in NYC, but didn't make it to the gym for obvious reasons. Stuff like this happens in life, you have a plan for the night then somebody throws you a curveball. All I can do is make a good choice at the time. I'm not bummed at all about the calories I consumed and I know I didn't leave wanted for anything. I weighed myself this am, and guess what, no weight gain! Learning to accept change and adjust is probably the best lesson I have learned so far in weight watchers. Instead of saying fuck it, I'm going to eat 1/2 of the appitizers, eat a burger w/fries and booze it up all night just because my first plan fell through is stupid and would have led to a weight gain. I am going to try get to the 6:30 spin class tonight and go hard!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weigh In

Today is a good day! I lost 3.8lbs since last week. Overall since starting WW on 12/05 I lost 7.8lbs! I like the average. My goal is to lose 1 to 2lbs this week. Tonight hitting the gym after work. Not sure what I'm going to have for dinner tonight. Prob a Subway sub or something like that. My favorite sub is a veggie delight with jalapenos and provolone cheese!!! Yummy! This one is short today since I have a ton of work, but I did get a 2.5 mile run in yesterday, you know I'm going to tally that up as soon as I post!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Jan Sunshine

This weekend in NJ the sun was a'shinin! On Saturday it was about 50 degrees. Amazing! I hit the outside activity super early. Friday night consisted of board games and wine with friends. It started late because I had to work late, but boy did it end late. We were having so much fun that when B and I glanced at the clock it read 3am!!! What! We left shortly after that and went to bed. Clyde had me up early. Like 9am, not super early for a normal day, but early after a 3am night. I was not too please with having to start my am (also was a bit hung over) but as soon as I walked a block and let the sun soak in, I really wanted to walk it up. I was lucky my best friend was up and she and her doggie, Kayla, wanted to join along. I can take long walks but they seem to go faster with a friend! We walked and talked for a little over and hour and half. It was awesome and Clyde was tuckered out!

After that I made a large breakfast for B, Maris and I. I had a small scoop of scrambled eggs with a lot of cheese, one slice of bacon and two pieces of whole wheat toast. It was very satisfying and filled me up. I am not a huge egg fan, but when I do eat them they fill me up. After breakfast I had to go to a final shower meeting to go through the event plans. I am throwing my bff a bridal shower with the other bridesmaids. It ended up being really fun and we got lost in conversation. 2.5 hours later I glanced at the clock and it was 4pm! I had dinner reservations with my Mom at 5! Ug! Second time this weekend I lost track of time. For dinner we tried Ethopian food. That's right Ethopian! Verdict: Yummy! We went to a place in Montclair called Mesob. We had a meat sampler and veggie sampler since we have never tried Ethopian and didn't know what to order. The bread used to eat everything with was a crepe like texture and consistancy with a sourdough taste. It worked really well with the spices. I think I ended up eating most of the lentils, but everything was pretty good. After dinner we walked around Montclair and went to a little coffee shop. I was pretty tired from a long day so we went home and went to sleep around 10pm.

Sunday brought more sunshine. Cooler but the morning was pretty warm. I walked again! This time with my other bff, Danielle and her adorable baby. We walked up and down the same street (about a mile long) for two hours! It was pretty funny I am sure Clyde was like seriously the same smells again! He definately got a full workout this weekend, but like I said before when it's cold he gets such a crappy walks I like to work him hard when it's nice!

My weigh in with WW is tomorrow. I am thinking I lost weight, hoping for 3lbs. I gained last week so I worked hard to try and have a bigger loss this week. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow. For now, back to the grind!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Killing It!

Yesterday I made it to spin, yay! Even though I made it I was late for the sign up. I was the first on the waitlist and got a bike. The only issue was the bike was smackdab infront of the instructor. At first I was hating on that fact, but after 10 minutes I was loving it! I was so worried he would see me slack that I definately pushed myself much harder than I usually do. After spin I did a quick leg lifting routine and then I was out. Today was soooo busy at work, but I did get time to update my NYC Marathon status, check it out!

Now there is def no backing out. I just paid $212!!! Yikes! Who would pay to run 26.2miles???? This guy (woman)!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Done and Done

I feel very accomplished this chilly morning. Last night I went to go to the 6:30 spin class(you have to sign up 30min in advance) only to realize the schedule had changed and the class was moved to 7pm. Instead of waiting around, I decided to start working out as soon as I got there and will hit the spin class a later time this week. I did the eliptical and ran. I knocked two miles off my 365 mile goal and I felt pretty good doing it. I must say it is very lucky that running is like riding a bike for me. So easy to get right back out there.

This AM I did this:

That's right! It is official, I am all signed up for the Nov 4, 2012 ING NYC Marathon! Like I said prior, I got a guarenteed entry by running in 9 races in 2011 and volunteering in one.

Also, yesterdays weigh in at WW was dismal. Up 2lbs, but wouldn't you know it. One day of working out and monitor my eating this AM I was down those 2lbs. Hopefully next week I can see a loss of 4lbs so in total the last two weeks would be 2lbs lost on an avg. I like seeing that average. Overall, the last two weeks (Xmas & New Years) brought me a loss of 0.8lbs. I am not upset and I am feeling good! Let me reiterate though, my Resolution is about running. The weight loss is just so I won't hurt myself while training and lets face it a pretty nice perk to the Resolution :) Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Weekend

This weekend was a blur of fun and duty. The fun consisted of going to an amazing Brazilian Barbecue place in Newark, NJ Fernandes. I did not get the Rodizio, because I really just cannot eat that much meat, but the fish is so amazing there as well. I had a great swordfish with pretty much a bottle of Chardonay. After the Chardonay, it was not my finest hour, but definatly one of the most fun times :) B and I spend New Years on the DL, because after a couple of years of going out and wild, we found that we really just enjoy ringing the New Year in with quiet and each other. This year we went to a friends for a low key night. It was top notch. Included, Lobster, Board Games, Dancing, so fun!

So far all I have listed is the fun, but there was def duty. Cleaning duty to be exact! We got the Xmas tree down (I know it's fast, but honestly we live in an apt and with the holidays over, I really don't want to see it), did all of the laundry including blankets, comforters, etc. detailed the couch, cleaned bathrooms, etc. The place looks sparkling. Definately a good way to get back into the work week. We also did some grocery shopping and went to our friends to celebrate his birthday and give the kids thier xmas presents (B is the godfather of his daughter).

I weigh in today with WW and NOT looking forward to it. I am pretty sure I gained at least one lb. I lost 6lbs in the last three weeks, so I am trying not to be upset, but hopefully this time next week will show a loss and I can feel better.

As far as my running goal. I didn't get any runs in the last two days, so I am still at 365 to go. Tonight I want to hit a spin class, but depending on how I feel after, I might sneak in a mile. If not I will definatly get some milage in this week for sure. I am not worried about my goal though, because to tell you the truth, training for my marathon will hit my goal and then some anyway. That kind of sounds like my goal is lame, but hey you try it!