Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting Close

The marathon is so close now!  No more long runs, just shorter easy runs.  This training did definitely not go as I planned, but you know what, my life was more exciting then I planned!  I will be crossing that dang finish line on November 3rd!  It may not look pretty, but I will be there.  I have big plans after this is done as far as exercise.  A whole new routine using yoga and walking.  Minimal impact, but strength training.

I have all my bib info and times and I'm going to put that up next week, that's right it is all confirmed baby!

As far as married life, it's good, it's easy right now.  I am not sure why, but the finality of it feels so comforting and makes you want to work harder.  I know now more than ever before that I support gay marriage because I was with B for over 7 years when we got married and it does feel different, in such a wonderful way.  Everyone should feel that!

I have also been having fun outside (on days that I wasn't totally exhausted from long runs).

I cheered on my old College

I celebrated a special boys 2nd birthday

I got some important snuggle time with my ole hound dog

This weekend, short run tonight, hike tomorrow and 8-9 miler tomorrow (easy breezy)!  Oh, I almost forgot, it's pretty cold out right now!  There is that whole thing.  I have run in shorts and a quick dry t shirt for all of my runs.  Last weekend I ran a half marathon (taper down) at a 9 1/2 minute mile pace and wore pants.  It was cold, but you know what the pants where too much!  I am going to try out my pants that I have that end right below the knee this weekend.  I'm hoping that is the perfect balance for this weather.  

"The whole point of the week is the weekend"  :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

down but not out!

I ran 18 miles this weekend and felt really good! I had a calf cramp that I had to massage and I am still working on strengthening and stretching it completely, but other than that I was in the zone! I ran at 9-10 minute mile pace and I was super tired but I felt ok. 18 miles is huge! I was supposed to be at 19 without any breaks in my training and one mile short is nothing! I'm going to go for 20 this Saturday and that will put me 100% back on track! I am doing it! I am going to cross that freaking finish line in a month!

Other amazing things I did are:

1.  Going to in-laws to go through our honeymoon photos

2.  Hanging with some friends in town after a long after run nap

3.  Apple picking with good friends (annual tradition)

4.  FOOTBALL!  Sunday Funday!

Overall, this weekend was great, a lot of moving and shaking, eating and laughing and of course sleeping!

I woke up today and took C for a long walk testing how my calf felt and it felt really good!  Tonight I'm going to make two apple breads (freeze one) and take C for another long walk and do some squats/lunges and stretch the crap out of my legs.  I have to 6 mile runs I'm planning on doing tomorrow and Thursday and want to make sure my calf is fully recovered.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Married and running!

I got married! I went to France! I'm still running in the Marathon! The top picture is of my brother, me, B & my sister :) Unfortunately I'm still erroring out and have to type in HTML. This situation is so beyond frustrating. I think I need to upgrade my windows, but I use a work computer (during my free time) and I cannot upgrade unless I get permission, booo!

Anywho, my weddding was magical in every way and it was over within a blink of the eye. Then me and B whisked ourselves off to France and had the BEST time. We gorged on food, wine, history and relaxation! The Europeans know how to do it right though because even with eating so much cheese, wine, etc I lost weight! We did so much moving around it worked out great! What I didn't do was my long runs :( I did two runs both 6 miles and when I came home and did my long run last weekend, I felt the damage. I only was able to complete 15 and it was at a 10/11 minute mile pace. I put myself back on track this week and hopefully I will feel better this Saturday. Either way I'm crossing that flipping finish line! Below are some pictures of what I will remember as the best couple of weeks of my life!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Clyde as a pup

Clyde on 4th of July, little guy celebrated his 7th Birthday on August 15th!

I know I have been slacking. I'm sorry :( I said it before and I will say it now, wedding planning and training is hard! I have been training though! Last week I ran 13.2 pretty fast and felt great. I ran it at a 9:25 minute mile pace with weird splits, but I felt really good. I got new sneakers and anti blister socks and I think they really made a difference. Tomorrow I have 14 miles and this weekend I have tons of wedding odds and ends to finish up.

I am getting married in one week! Next Friday!  Below are some pictures of the pallette I'm drawing from to get you an idea of what my wedding might look like.  I have some pictures of me on my final fitting etc, but that I will have to save until after!

Bridesmaid Dress Pallette

Centerpiece base idea

Very soon you will be able to see a lot more and I can't wait to show it!  We are beyond excited and also kind of exhausted!  Cannot wait for our honeymoon in France!!!  Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Mid Week Runs

I haven't been that great with my mid week runs. I am supposed to do three about 4-5 miles a week. The last two weeks I only did two and they were between 3-5. Now it isn't because I'm not feeling good, it is because I have no freaking time. I really should have really thought about training for a marathon in the midst of my planning/throwing a wedding. The truth is I did think about that, last year! I was engaged and I was going to run the 2012 NYC Marathon. That WAS the plan. Well, plans change and now I'm a mess! The good news is I 100% always get my long run in each weeekend. I have been feeling really good for the most part. I have a slight heel issue, but nothing too crazy. I ran Thursday morning, super fast too. I ran 4 miles in a little under 9 minute mile pace because, you guessed it, I woke up late. I have been having trouble sleeping and my body needs sleep! I am soooooo excited to marry the man and celebrate all night with my friends and family, but I'm telling ya, I am also super excited to go back to a quieter life! A good spot during the week was having dinner with my dad! It was super fun and we had a fabulous meal! I took a picture of my "desert" a cheese plate! I ate the two cheeses to the far left, yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! Have a great weekend! **update the stupid page isn't working. I think I'm going to start having to blog at home :( I guess I'll have to show you that gorgeous cheese plate another time!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Bachelorette Weekend!

This weekend was just so special! It really makes me cry thinking about how lucky I am to have such amazing friends and family! There was a lot going on this weekend and all of it was just happy and fun. I'm going to show you the weekend in pictures!
Preview of the back of my hair on my trials on Thursday

View from dinner on Friday night, this is the Jersey Shore!

Ha, ha!  A little festive decorating!

A "before" picture

My grandma made that veil for me to celebrate in, so cute!

Crazy bride face!

Smackin the bum!

Towards the end of the night, that is my bum! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my girls for making this girl feel extra special!  I had the best time and now I'm ready to marry my man in 25 days!