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I am a 30ish year old young professional, who likes to blog.  I started this to track my training for the 2012 NYC Marathon, but after that got cancelled I realized I just liked blogging.  It felt therapeutic and made me feel accountable.  Even throughout training I felt accountable to log in my miles.  I blog to keep track of my life and to tell you the truth about my physical and mental feelings about exercise/training/life.

I am over weight, but I am not unhappy with my weight.  Would I love to lose 20lbs?  Yes, I would.  More importantly though I want to be fit and my struggles lie mostly with food.  I love exercise and always have, but I also love food.  Until I find that wonderful thing called portion control, I will be over weight.  Hell, I'm sure I'm not the first over weight person to compete in a Marathon and my over weight body ran 22 miles last year during training! 

This is me and my fiance Brendan the first year we were dating (we have been together for over 7 years).  This is the ideal weight I would like to be at (around 150lbs).

Here is a full body shot of us.  This was about 3 years ago in Hawaii.  I am a little less than I was in that picture.  Notice the arm bent on hip shot!  Typical girl move!  Gotta keep those arms looking thin, ha!

You can't say I am shy!  This is me at my heaviest, in a swimsuit in Jamaica!  I am probably around 185lbs here.  This was taking a little over a year ago.

This was taken right after a run I did during training.  Ran or shine I got my ass out there!  Although I will say a white shire/dark sports bra, not the best combination for a rainy morning!

This is me and B at our engagement party about 7 months ago.  It was towards the end of training and I felt great that night.  Probably about 170lbs.  A little fact, I ran 20 miles that morning before the party!

This is me when I was a kid...well just because!  I will update the "About Me" pictures probably every couple of months!

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