Tuesday, October 1, 2013

down but not out!

I ran 18 miles this weekend and felt really good! I had a calf cramp that I had to massage and I am still working on strengthening and stretching it completely, but other than that I was in the zone! I ran at 9-10 minute mile pace and I was super tired but I felt ok. 18 miles is huge! I was supposed to be at 19 without any breaks in my training and one mile short is nothing! I'm going to go for 20 this Saturday and that will put me 100% back on track! I am doing it! I am going to cross that freaking finish line in a month!

Other amazing things I did are:

1.  Going to in-laws to go through our honeymoon photos

2.  Hanging with some friends in town after a long after run nap

3.  Apple picking with good friends (annual tradition)

4.  FOOTBALL!  Sunday Funday!

Overall, this weekend was great, a lot of moving and shaking, eating and laughing and of course sleeping!

I woke up today and took C for a long walk testing how my calf felt and it felt really good!  Tonight I'm going to make two apple breads (freeze one) and take C for another long walk and do some squats/lunges and stretch the crap out of my legs.  I have to 6 mile runs I'm planning on doing tomorrow and Thursday and want to make sure my calf is fully recovered.

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