Monday, April 2, 2012

Wedding Weekend

It was a busy one folks! Friday morning consisted of make up, hair, dresses, girl talk, mimosa's, heels and one half of a Rye Bagel with Scallion Cream Cheese! When we were all gussied up and ready for the ceremony, we got into a large party bus (so fun!) and went to the church. It was stunning and so was our bride! She really was a beautiful bride! When the doors opened up and she was there it was breathtaking! The ceremony was beautiful, however I had no clue what the Priest was saying. He either has a bad lisp or a strong Italian accent!

After the ceremony it was picture time! It was a bit chilly but we muscled through all of the shots and they sun was shining! I looked at a few and I wasn't upset with what I looked like! Plus!!! I'm at about 173lbs and on a good day 171. Still not close to my overall goal (155) but closer than when I started (188).

It was a cocktail style wedding so, I didn't eat one thing! The band was a amazing and if I had to get food myself I probably wasn't going to eat :( Will definitely remember that for my own wedding! My heals where large and my legs where sore the next day so I'm feeling good about the exercise I got on Friday (wedding day), but the rest of the weekend went to s**t! Fat and Lazy. Definitely need to get out of that pattern.

Anyway, I'll post some pictures (hopefully better placed than my Jamaica pics) soon to give you an idea! Congrats to my fav bride and groom!

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