Monday, November 5, 2012

Marathon Cancelled

Well, the NYC Marathon was cancelled and living through the devastation and still living through it, I really truly understand that it had to be, but let me tell you I was heartbroken.  It took me one year to qualify, months to train, then my whole city gets completely flooded, my home town and parents town is completely wrecked, I am still freezing with no power and I had one thing that I worked so hard for that I could feel good about taken away.  Just like that.  Friday was a very bad day for me.

I tried to bounce back fast, I had to.  Life had to go on and there still was a lot of cleaning and preparing to do for Hoboken.  I have a quarter of a tank of gas but I definitely plan on making it down to help the shore that I love so dearly and spent so much time growing up in as soon as the gas crisis calms down a bit. 

I am supposed to go to Ireland on Wed to see my cousin get married.  We are getting a snow storm that day, so who knows if any flights will be going out. 

I am beaten down, sad for so many people and exhausted.  I know life goes on, but for a while I might be a down and out blogger!  Praying for a speedy recovery for Jersey.

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