Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shifting Focus

So this blog was originally created to track my resolution goal and to talk about what it is like to train for the NYC marathon. 

I reached my resolution miles and I did talk about training for the NYC marathon and trained!  So, done and done (even though race never happened). 

Since the storm, I have pretty much stopped working out, gone to Ireland, had four Thanksgivings.  Needless to say my body is, um, wider ha!  I gained 9lbs since all of this and lost two so far this week, so net about 7lbs up.  Seven pounds isn't much, but I feel more tired and I wasn't at a great weight before I gained.  Yes I was running like a mad woman, but I was still overweight.

So, this blog/diary will shift focuses to me trying to lose the pounds, a new resolution and training for the 2013 NYC Marathon!

Right now I'm going to focus on losing major poundage.  I am heavy, way too heavy!  I am weighing in with one of my besties every Monday so I will put it out there for all of you as well.  It's about accountability right, right?  So below are my stats as of this Monday, I know I lost two already, but I won't make it official until Monday, weekends are usually horrible for me!

As of 11.26.2012

Current Weight  179
Goal Weight      150

I will add loss/gains starting Monday.

Now, lets talk exercise.  I want to join a gym or kickboxing but I am hesitant because of $$$.  I'm saving for a wedding and I know that starting March I'll start running again, so I'm not sure if I want to spend the loot for a couple of months.  I talked to B and we discussed doing something together, but I doubt I can count on him for exercise.  I love my fiancee, but he gets into exercise then gets out just as fast.  I can't think of doing something together, because then I will shift my mind that we HAVE to do it together and then give myself an excuse not to go when he decides he doesn't want to go.  I can get him to walk though.  Walk and talk.  So for now, until I figure out another plan, my exercise will be walking at night, lifting at home and doing yoga booty dvds :)

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