Thursday, September 26, 2013

Married and running!

I got married! I went to France! I'm still running in the Marathon! The top picture is of my brother, me, B & my sister :) Unfortunately I'm still erroring out and have to type in HTML. This situation is so beyond frustrating. I think I need to upgrade my windows, but I use a work computer (during my free time) and I cannot upgrade unless I get permission, booo!

Anywho, my weddding was magical in every way and it was over within a blink of the eye. Then me and B whisked ourselves off to France and had the BEST time. We gorged on food, wine, history and relaxation! The Europeans know how to do it right though because even with eating so much cheese, wine, etc I lost weight! We did so much moving around it worked out great! What I didn't do was my long runs :( I did two runs both 6 miles and when I came home and did my long run last weekend, I felt the damage. I only was able to complete 15 and it was at a 10/11 minute mile pace. I put myself back on track this week and hopefully I will feel better this Saturday. Either way I'm crossing that flipping finish line! Below are some pictures of what I will remember as the best couple of weeks of my life!

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