Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Outside Run

I got an outside run in this weekend. I ran with my friend who is a bit slower than me, so the last mile I sprinted. It felt wonderful! It was cold out but around mile 1 I felt fine. We went to an off leash trail so my dog was in heaven, well at least for mile 1-3. He was sniffing and going at his own pace, so happy! Then the last loop around, he dragged big time! Poor little fella! I won't be taking him any further than 3 miles going forward. He needs to lose 7lbs, so hopefully the run got him down at least one :)

I weighed in today. Up 0.8lbs. Honestly I'm not happy but I'm not horribly upset. I did go on vacation, took some tracking time off and 0.8lbs isn't that hard to bounce back from. This week I am tracking and my goal is to lose 2lbs next Tues.

I have a bachelorette this Sat, so that will be a test, but I'm ready for it my friend! Check out my goal, it is creeping up! Yay!

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