Friday, March 9, 2012

March Madness

I'm not referring to the basketball tournament! I am referring to my crazy schedule for the month of March. Two of my favorite people were born in March, my Fiance and my best friend :) Also happening in March: another good friends bday, friends baby's 1st bday, Fiance's dad's bday, Christening, bachelorette party, wedding, family health stuff, training for 1/2 marathon. My March is just madness!!!!

I got sick this week and I'm hoping that is it for the month because I can't afford to be sick! I didn't run for a week because I just wasn't feeling well and needed to give my body some rest. I did get some walks in on the super random nice days we got in NJ, Clyde (my massive mutt) was very appreciative. Somehow I also lost weight :) I lost 1.2lbs this week when I weighed in and that made me a happy camper! Since weigh in, I did not continue to track, but I did be very aware of what I was putting in my mouth. I am feeling optimistic about next week's weigh in.

I plan to get a run in tomorrow. I hope to do at least 7 or 8 miles, but if I can only do 6 I would be ok with that too since I took the week off. My goal is to be down to 170 by my best friends wedding (March 30th). I weighed in at WW this week at 175.2, I weighed myself this am and I was an even 174, so I am progressing in the right direction. My dress for that night is so pretty. I will take a picture of it when I get it back from the tailor. I had to get it taken in a lot, yayayaya, although my wallet is saying noooooooooooo. B and I have a black tie wedding to go to and I was thinking of wearing it there. I'll post it up and if anyone reads this let me know if you think it's appropriate. I will be wearing the dress after the wedding obviously! I know I said it before but I really have to say I love the last two bridesmaid dresses I had! Excellent choice girls!

Food wise this weekend will be ok I think. Since I am coming off a little sickness, I probably won't drink anything and that helps! We are going to go out to celebrate lots of things but I will try and keep a cool head and definitely try and take some pictures! My March is crazy, but it's fun to that I can just post it up and document it all! Until next time cyber diary!

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