Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Runnin, Runnin

I ran 6 miles on Sat am, felt great! Then yesterday, 2 miles drove me crazy, WTF!!! Does that ever happen to you? One day you can run forever another you can't even bust out one! This weekend was as busy as I said.

Friday: Work, Friends bday at San Loco Taco in NYC. Amazing! I got a soft taco with a layer of guacomola, then hard taco, then chicken with lettuce & tomato, very tasty, I had three! If there is a food I could win an eating contest in it would be Tacos. Seriously perfect food! Then we went to a cupcake place, This place is one of those places that you didn't know about and you don't know why! B got a pudding, it's egg nog flavored pudding layered with pumpkin cake. I definately grabbed a couple of spoonfuls of that one!

Saturday: Woke up, ran, went to friends baby's 1st year old bday party. It was at a firehouse near Philly, but they did such a great job turning that firehouse into a little carnival. I am definately taking mental notes on how to decorate my baby's 1st bday! After the long trip home we had about an hour and then off to NYC again for B's bday! He's a steak and potato's guy so he picked Keens Steakhouse. This place is oooooooooooooold school! I had the short rib, it was awesome, but I barely got half down. B got the Prime Rib, it was MASSIVE and he got the majority down. It was a really great time and we all had fun (went with two other couples).

Sunday: Woke up early, took Clyde on a super long walk, then brunch with B's parents, guess where, NYC! This was the last stop on my food weekend, and we went out with a bang. Five Points is where we went and I have NEVER been anything but in heaven when eating here! This place is off the chain when it comes to brunches! I had the Pork Belly Hash, it was really tender and the sauce was spicy and tangy. Perfection! If you go, definately get the Polenta and try the biscuits, you will not be dissappointed.

Even though it is Wednesday already, this week is going fast. I didn't weigh in this week, but I will definately weigh in on Tues next week. I have been walking at lunch the weather in NYC is calling me around lunch time! I got the pics from Jamaica uploaded so I will try post some tomorrow, god how I miss it! Until next time!

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