Friday, June 1, 2012

Sometimes you need a push

I am a big fan of either wake up, workout, or get home after work change and workout.  Coming home and relaxing usually means I do not workout. Yesterday was turning into one of those days.  I had plans to go running with a friend of mine and she was running late.  About an hour late.  Well after I got home and relaxed a bit, I realized hey, I'm hungry.  I ate three string cheeses and started to heat up some garden burgers.  While I was doing that I texted my friend that I was hungry and couldn't make it.  Well she responded with a well needed push.  Earn your Dinner!  ahahah So I put the heated garden burgers in the fridge and met her for a run.  It was an amazing day out and we did about 3.5 miles.  I was so happy I did it and didn't even eat the garden burgers when I got home.  I actually got a little sick from eating the cheese before I ran!  I defiantly do not recommend fueling yourself with cheese prior to any workout ha!  Tonight I am going to do another run, then tomorrow will be spin and off to a bachelorette!  Yes ANOTHER bachelorette!  This year has been crazy busy with weddings, but after June 16th I do not have any good friends that are getting married, so it will be a relaxing summer....hopefully! 

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