Friday, June 22, 2012

Year of th wedding is Over!

Well June 16th was my last bride!  I have been the maid of honor in three weddings from Oct - Jun and I loved each and every second of it, but it was exhausting! 

My girlfriend got married at a day wedding and it was definitely interesting. 

The day was amazing so the sunshine over everything was amazing
We got home earlier than a night wedding
Bridal Party all had to get up super early
It was shorter

The food, music, drinks, etc all felt the same.  B & I are doing a night wedding (Friday), but a day wedding is definitely a nice option.  I really would never be able to get moving and shaking as early as my girl Christy did though.  She was such a cute gorgeous bride!

I have been slacking on the exercise, just hear and there.  I am at the level I should be at re: marathon training, but it is so early that it is a low amount of mileage.  I have lost more weight though.  It is really weird.  Our scale needed new batteries so I haven't been weighing myself for weeks.  I got a physical and I was down 5 pounds!!!  I have gotten back into the 160s!!!!  It's crazy.  I was 189lbs in the beginning of Dec.  Now I'm at the top of 160s but that is OK.  I will get there, it's getting to be really easy and with the increased running I know it will come down fast!

Until next time little blog of hope!

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