Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Run Memories

When I was in high school I played field hockey and ran track.  I was always a much better long distance runner than short but by the time field hockey was over, all the cross country girls got the long distances on track, which they should have.  I got stuck with the 400 meter.  Honestly, I hated it.  It is like a super long sprint and I couldn't sprint.  Either way I did love having something to do and I loved the track girls so I stayed with it.  I never got better, but I did have fun!

Training for field hockey we would do a run almost everyday.  It was the cross country trail, I think about 1.5 miles.  I always did well, but I remember being exhausted after each run.  Well this weekend I had to stay with my gram and since I was in my home town, I ran the cross country trail with my dog.  It was crazy.  I ran it so easily, I could have run it another 4 times for sure.  It made me laugh.  I was more than 12 years older than the last time I ran it and I felt so much stronger.  It made me feel really good that I am moving in a positive direction the older I get.  It was really hot out and my dog was not going to do another lap, so I put him in the shade and ran some laps around the track.  I only got two in because you can't have dogs on the track and when people came we left.  Only 2 miles on Sat but felt good! 

Sunday I rode my mom's bike.  She is out of town and that is why my sister and I are taking turns taking care of my grandma.  It was ok.  I do enjoy riding a bike, but riding alone with no place specific to go is boring.  Especially when you are riding around a senior village!  Everything looks the same!

Monday my sister woke me up early to run the Seaside boardwalk.  It's five miles.  When we got there she thought we were walking it, but I wanted to run, so I ran about 3.5 miles of it then I walked the rest with her.  (she walked and I ran the boards and on my way back she turned around and we walked together)  It wasn't long but it was satisfying.  I'm going to do a 3 or 4 miler tonight.  I am in the very early stages of training and want to make sure I keep up with the pace.  I do not want to fall behind in any of my training and Thursday I go for a septoplasty so I need to make sure I get a lot of running in prior to Thurs.  My doc said it will take me about 3-4 days before I can run and any distance is no problem!  Thank god! 

On another note I saw a great movie this weekend, The Exotic Marigold Hotel.  It was adorable and a very lovely story.  I definitely recommend it!

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