Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Marathon....

Take 2! 

I know I have taken a total hiatus, I have taken a total hiatus in my life too.  Since the 2013 Marathon got cancelled I have not run at all.  Perhaps a slight jog across the street if a car is coming.  So needless to say, I am completely out of shape.  This morning I woke up and walked C with Brendan and although it was a fast paced walk I started to get excited for my training again.  The weather is starting to thaw ever so slightly and I'm starting to look at music.  That was one issue that I am definitely going to be ready for this year, a massive music selection.  I got so sick and tired of my IPod that I asked to borrow my girl friends.  I need to make sure I have a larger music selection so I do not get bored of the same songs and stay motivated.

I am running a short race in April (4miles) and I am going to ease into running again this week.  Perhaps one mile run, one mile walk, or I'll just see how my legs feel.  I know it will be another battle of long distant runs and hills and chaffing and losing toe nails but this year I'm pumped!  I might not have run the marathon last year, but I was ready and this year I know what to expect!

Last year during my training I ran 335 miles.  That is about the length of the state of Alabama!  I could have ran to Connecticut and back and still have mileage to spare.  That is about a six hour drive if you are driving on a highway.  Hmmm, that analogy doesn't sound so cool :(  Well it is a hell of a lot of miles and I am going to do it again.  My official training will begin again the first week in July, but I am going to be in running ready shape so my long run for that week will be a breeze. 

I will say although I loved being lazy I hated how it makes me feel.  I don't feel good about myself, I'm tired, I'm weak, I get angry faster and I am more negative.  There are so many reasons to exercise, but taking time off you can literally feel and see the changes within yourself. 

Since I am getting back into running, not full on training mode but running, I will be posting again regularly.  Tonight is a busy night of grocery shopping and cleaning the apartment.  We should have done this on the weekend, but the laziness took over.  See, it's horrible!  I'll post some before/after pics so you can see the lazy den we have been hiding in all winter!

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