Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hump Day

This week has been slow at work.  After a couple of months of hard constant work I am so happy to have down time, although now that is Wednesday I'm bored!  The Internet is eh, I'm all caught up on wedding items I was backed up on and I asked my boss and other department management if there is anything I can help with.  Work will pick up next week so I guess I should be grateful for the downtime.

I cleaned, but to tell you the truth when I took the photos my apartment wasn't really that bad.  I guess I just needed a deep clean, so the deep messiness didn't show up in the photos. 

Here is my kitchen with Clyde trying to get a little of whatever the sink had.

And here is the living room, not really that bad. 

We are doing a little surprise for our wedding table numbers which is making me look through so many memories.  Photos really are so amazing, it makes me so happy to see them and remember things that haven't been in my mind for years.  Check out this picture of me when I was little!  Banana curls!  What little girl didn't have Banana curls!  Shortly after this year my mom chopped off all my hair, glad she got this one before she did!

B and I have been really good so far this week.  We have been eating clean, bringing our lunch to work and walking everywhere.  I am excited to see the weigh in results on Sunday.  We are doing it together and it is 150% better to have a healthier lifestyle with the other person in your house doing the same thing.  I haven't started running yet but plan on doing a run on Saturday morning. 

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