Thursday, February 28, 2013


I joined an online Dietbet!

It's a pretty cool idea, you put in $20 and so does everyone else who is doing the bet.  If you lose 4% in one month then you are part of the individuals who split the total pot!  I read about it on and I am really excited to start.  I am starting a day late though since I just saw it now and I have to have a picture taken of me standing on the scale full body by someone else and then the number on the scale to prevent cheating. I weighed myself this am and it was ugly, 180lbs.  But I didn't take any pictures etc, so I'll just have B take those photos and fully weigh in tomorrow.  If I weigh in tomorrow at 180lbs then I will have to lose 7.2lbs.  That is a fully obtainable goal and one that I really need to hit.  The official wedding countdown is six months.  Six months to a strapless gown geez!!!!!  You can do this bet from anywhere and the pot is up to $5,520 as of right now!  It ends March 29th though so the longer you wait the less time you have to lose the 4%.

If you decide to do it let me know, maybe we could help keep track of each other!

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