Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fast Lane

I feel like my life is on a fast lane and probably will be until our wedding.  Every day on our weekend is packed with invites to choose, flowers to look at, songs to select, etc.  I love it, I do, but I understand how people elope.  It is exhausting!  I am excited it is less than 6 months away.  There are two huge motivators for me, one my dress is in, so healthiness is taking its priority right now and two, I get to marry my best bud!  April 4th is our seven year anniversary and we are going back to the place we had our official first date as boyfriend and girlfriend.  That was actually on April 30th, but we say our anniversary is April 4th because that was our official first date, although we didn't start going "steady" until April 30th. 

Atlantic City was sooooooo much fun!  We gambled and gambled and gambled.  We played craps mostly and B was really lucky that night.  I had ups and downs but overall between the two off us we ended up winning $400, any night that we walk away not losing is good to me!!!!  We also had an amazing dinner with great friends.  Seriously, one of the more fun nights I have had in a while!  The down side is that you can't use cell phones in the Casino, so no pictures!  The hotel was amazing, Revel, it really reminded me of a hotel in Vegas, but on the AC boardwalk.  I loved everything about it and would definitely go back in the summer time.

This weekend wasn't horrible food wise, but having it be B's bday it was not amazing either.  I did eat cake and short ribs and cheeses, but I didn't stuff myself and did a lot of walking.  At the end of the day I was down 1lb on Monday, which after a weekend of temptations always makes me happy.  I am hoping to be at 176lbs by Monday.  That will give me 5lbs that I will have to lose by March 29th (final weigh in on dietbet).  I will say once I got the call my dress was in, better decisions are coming easier to me.  I am trying to stop myself from over eating.  Happy Thursday!

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