Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm sore

So sad that only a few months ago, less than six months I was able to run 20 miles and feel good and this weekend I ran one, ONE and felt sore as hell ha!  Your body works in such weird ways. 

My weekend was great overall, I went to visit my gram in her rehab center (she fell and is getting therapy) and she looked great.  She's 90 years old and on dialysis for the rest of her life but for the most part looks and acts amazing!  I'm so lucky to have so much time with her.  She was such an important role in my life, pretty much raising my sister and I when we were little.  There is never enough time, but being able to spend several hours shooting the sh*t is something that I am so grateful for.  After the visit I went to dinner with my mom, sister and my mom's boyfriend.  It was Mexican and amazeballs!  I had the classic fajitas and passed on the desert they ordered. 

My first weigh in was rejected for because I didn't put my word next to the weigh in, but my second one worked, but guess what, I was down one pound in those two days, dang it!  That means I weighed in 1lbs less officially so I have slightly more to loss in two days less.  Dang it!  I guess it just puts more motivation on me!  Below is one of my weigh in pics.  I can see where my body expanded since training and surprisingly a lot of it is in my ass area!  I never thought I was someone who gained in the buttocks, but looking at pictures I can see it.  So this is my official weigh in picture, there is another picture, but it isn't full body so I'm not posting it.

The weekend weather was really nice so B and I took Clyde on two long walks and then went bowling!  It was really fun and, drum roll, I hit my personal best, a score over 100!!!  I know it's nothing to write home about, but it was a major win for me! 

After bowling we stopped at another Mexican restaurant and I had three glasses of sparkling Sangria, so good, and a lot of guacamole and chips.  It was around 3pm, so I got hungry again around 7pm and I had American cheese with pretzels.  Overall Sunday was a bad food decision day and I saw it on the scale this am, 0.5 gain.  I know it will come off, but I plan to officially weigh in again on Friday, my goal is to have a 2lb loss since my official weigh in this weekend of 179lbs.  To win my money back I will have to end March at 171lbs.  Are any of you guys doing the diet bet as well?

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