Friday, August 23, 2013

Clyde as a pup

Clyde on 4th of July, little guy celebrated his 7th Birthday on August 15th!

I know I have been slacking. I'm sorry :( I said it before and I will say it now, wedding planning and training is hard! I have been training though! Last week I ran 13.2 pretty fast and felt great. I ran it at a 9:25 minute mile pace with weird splits, but I felt really good. I got new sneakers and anti blister socks and I think they really made a difference. Tomorrow I have 14 miles and this weekend I have tons of wedding odds and ends to finish up.

I am getting married in one week! Next Friday!  Below are some pictures of the pallette I'm drawing from to get you an idea of what my wedding might look like.  I have some pictures of me on my final fitting etc, but that I will have to save until after!

Bridesmaid Dress Pallette

Centerpiece base idea

Very soon you will be able to see a lot more and I can't wait to show it!  We are beyond excited and also kind of exhausted!  Cannot wait for our honeymoon in France!!!  Have a great weekend!

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