Monday, July 9, 2012

Post begining

I had a septoplasty on Thursday June 28th.  It took a bit of healing but so far I am super happy with the results.  I also had sinus surgery and I can breathe much better already and my nose looks straighter to me, even though no one else can tell, I'm happy with it.  I didn't want to change my appearance at all anyway.  The surgery did however derail my running.  I took about a week off.  I started up again yesterday running 4.5 miles.  It was HOT!  Super hot!  I got an early start but I still was so hot I ran out of water around mile 3.  I wear the belts with several water bottles attached.  They are small and evenly proportioned so I love it.  I think once I get to higher mileage it might chaff, but so far I'm totally fine with the belt.  Other than the heat, I felt great.  Even though I felt great, I didn't feel like I could run much further.  This kind of stinks because in April I ran 13miles and felt great and now at 4.5 I'm not coasting, but that is the way running works for me and I think most people.  If you take your mileage down, you feel it, period.  So I'm going to truck slowly back up.  I am right on target for my training schedule and that is really all I care about at the end of the day. 

I am going to do a quick 3 miles tonight, the weather has cooled off and I have some stresses in my life today so I'm welcoming the run! 


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