Friday, October 12, 2012

Life in the fast lane

I have been busy, busy busy!

Work is crazy right now, kicking my ass in a good way.  I literally turn around and it's 5pm but I also am not there until 10pm doing stuff, just a nice busy blend.  So that is why I have not been blogging, so let's play some catch up!

Last Friday was a very laid back night, stayed in made pasta.  Saturday, woke up and killed 20 miles!  It was a nice slow sweet pace.  Felt great although when I took a shower it was so horrible! Chaf ya'll!  I use the new skin friction free stuff, but dang it just doesn't help after a certain time I guess.  After the run I ran to a store tried on one dress bought it and was ready for my engagement party!  What do you think????

Look at my cheesy wine was a'flowin!

The party was so fun and everyone was so awesome.  It really is weird in a good way how amazing friends are for you during this time!   Here are some more shots!!!

That's me with my bridal party (minus one) Yes they are all gorgeous and skinny!  The one in all black is my sister!

B and his groomsmen (minus 2)! 

Even my gram and her bf made it out!  Such a great night!!!!!

After that night we needed to recover!  A day of football it was!  I was sore from running and huge heels all night so I just sat on the couch and vegged.

This week flew by. Tonight is another low key night for me!  Tomorrow a 1st bday and a special project, then Sunday my last long run!  Well super long run!  22miles!  Also, guess what?????  Ok I will tell you, I hit my resolution!  I ran over 365miles so far this year!  Wild, right? 

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