Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trucking along!

I have been busy, let me tell you!  Work has been crazy in a great way.  You know, the way you are constantly busy throughout the day and then you look the clock and it's 5:30pm, but do not have to stay too late to finish up?  Yeah, that way.  Also, I have been trying to semi cleanse my mind and keep focused.  Nine days left, NINE DAYS! 

This weekend, I ran 18, I was supposed to taper down a bit more than that but I wanted to push myself and I did and after a sleepless night none the less.  I felt ok, but no time left so can't focus on that.  Monday, jumped right back in ran a quick five and this am busted out a really great 6miler.  I felt it, the zone.  I missed it the last couple of weeks but I hit it again today.  I had a crappy first mile and half and thought it was going to be another stinker I have to "get through" then something happened.  I can't really explain it, but my breathe worked, my stride opened up, my legs felt strong.  I incorporated two big hills and finished fast.  This Saturday I'm going to do 10miles maybe 12.  Either way it's small potatoes.  Nine days and I will be running the NYC Marathon!  Holy crap!

Now that you know my running schedule let me share with you my crazy life schedule!  Saturday, run, wedding dress shopping (sooooo flipping excited), B leaves for Hong Kong.  Sunday, take C to Montclair hiking grounds, meet up with friends to watch Jets Game.  Monday quick three miler, work, avoid hurricane flood.  Tuesday, work.  Wednesday, quick three miler, work.  Thursday, walk, work, clean.  Friday, work, clean, clean, clean. Saturday, pick B up from airport go grocery shopping for Sunday party, clean more and sleep. Sunday RUN LIKE HELL, while my fam & friends gather at my apt for an awesome brunch that B is putting together.  Oh btw, we leave for Ireland  that Wednesday after the marathon!  Crazy balls right?  Even writing this is getting me excited and anxious.

There is more good news.  I got an iPhone yesterday.  Yes, I was the last person who had a flippish phone.  I will be taking way more pictures now and definitely throughout my marathon! 

I will check in tomorrow I know I have been avoiding you, don't worry I didn't quit!

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