Friday, June 28, 2013

Facial Cleansing

I got a facial on Wednesday and boy did I need it.  We have something here called Groupon.  They give you deals, like the one I purchased.  I got a basic facial (usually $70) for $35.  Not too shabby!  You tip on the full amount and you have to pay tax, but it's definitely a good deal.  I was exhausted, I felt better, but kind of crappy and for about an hour I was able to relax and my face felt great.

Now this was a basic facial, which didn't include any deep pore cleansing.  I will have to get a top of the line facial soon before my wedding so I can get rid of any black heads I have.  I may be pale and freckly, but overall my skin stays pretty clear!  Below is a picture after I left, I didn't smile because I wanted to show my skin with no lines in it.  I look hardcore!  Don't mess with me!

Post facial "glow"!

Yesterday was great!  B and I have been working hard this week communicating and figuring out how to communicate best.  We are 100% committed to getting through any issues (well mostly any issues, I am pretty sure I/we can't get past any cheating) that come up no matter where they come.  It is not always easy, like I said before, but I am praying and hoping it is worth it and so far it feels like it is.  We are connected and focusing on us and yesterday was a good day.  We felt happy again and I was able to get a great nights sleep!  I think I plopped down around 9am and stayed asleep until around 7am!  I woke up today feeling refreshed and focused!

Unfortunately, running was not in the cards for me all week.  I am waking up early tomorrow and getting a long run in, my goal is 5 miles.  After that, not sure.  Maybe a bike ride, maybe cleaning, grocery shop, I don't know, all depends on the weahter.  I'm not making plans this weekend, so my plan is to relax, do what I feel like and enjoy it!

Next week marks my official training schedule.  I am both nervous and excited.  Get ready to hear about the blisters, chaffing, bathroom breaks, oh yes, are you getting excited yet?????

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