Thursday, June 20, 2013

No Sleep for Hoboken

I didn't sleep very well last night.

We went to our tasting, it was amazing.  Every new plate was filled with beautiful colors and perfectly places sauces!  We all loved pretty much everything, but certain items definitely stood out and we cannot wait to have all of our wedding guests enjoy the food as well!

As amazing as all the food was, as soon as the tasting was over, it was stress.  It washed over our car like a 10 foot wave.  We are getting married in 70 days and we still have to pay so much money!  Now it is not like we do no have a savings for the remainder, we do, but we are going to be over and that means credit card debt.  That debt that is just out there, gaining interest, eating away at your financial soundness.  There is so much to do for a wedding and everyone and their mother has gone through it.  I am not complaining, I just had a night of "holy shit what did we get ourselves into" feelings.  I am not a relationship expert by any means, but when B and get stressed, we need to find a way to release it.  I wish I could tell you went up to the bedroom and released it like maniacs, but instead we decided to pick a fight.

It was long, it was knock down drag out and exhausting.  Now, don't be alarmed, I love B with all my heart and I know he loves me too, but we let it out.  If B is upset with me, he tells me and usually visa versa.  I am not sure if this works for everyone, but it's cleansing and therapeutic for us.  It makes us try and correct the things that are  important, however, during the release it's exhausting!  Unfortunately, not exhausting enough to go to bed at a normal hour.  We were up talking for hours and hours.  Each of us trying to understand the other.  One little stressor led to all of the stresses during this process. 

I woke up this morning bleary eyed and completely exhausted, but happy.  I kissed B good bye and headed to work.

Eating, well it was normal today, so far exercise was nonexistent, but it is really nice out and I am going to walk to the path and I am going to do the little stuff I do around the apt.  The "little stuff" includes leg lifts, pushups, crunches and squats.  A little here and there between commercials gets my heart going and then I go to bed feeling good.  Tomorrow is a run (FYI, I did run Wed. morning, longest run since pretraining, 4.5 miles).  Mojo is coming back my friends, slowly but surely!

In closing of today, just wanted to put a little note about James Gandolfini.  I did not know him, but New Jersey people share a kinship, rest in peace.

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