Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Playing Catchup

My life, like I am sure most everyones life, is passing me by fast!  The last week has been filled with moving and getting s*** done! 

First, I have been running about three times a week!  I am still not in the comfort zone where it is a breeze and I can just add distance and not feel it, but I am getting better.  My breathe is coming back.  My legs are starting to pace myself more easily.  Of course my face always looks like a radish when I'm done, but that will never change!  I mean half of it is from the sun, I'm very pale and freckly, sun burnt is a way of life for my summers!

In the elevator after about a 4 mile run, red faced and light haired! 

Pretty much I run between 3 to 4 miles three times a week and the mycoach app is showing my progress.  I have knocked a little over 2 minutes off my time since starting and I added more elevation to my routes.  I cannot say it enough how tracking your progress actually leads to progress! 

This past weekend was in one word, amazing.  The weather was perfect out and we took advantage of it!  Friday, B and I had dinner and Sangria with friends, delicous!  Saturday I hiked with Clyde & a girlfriend and her dog.  A little tid bit he is a three legged pitt after he got lost and damaged his leg.  He did such an amazing job hiking and we even got a bit lost!  Props to that pup!  After the hike, I went home, took an hour nap and then B and I went to a local pizza place for an early dinner.  Naps are so underrated!  I'm 31 years old and I love a good nap!  After pizza we got in a long bike ride followed by frozen yogurt and a movie at home!  I cannot say it enough, but days like this past Saturday make me so thankful for my life! 

Sunday was an early morning Clyde walk, a 4 mile run, then off to B's rents to celebrate Father's Day.  We are celebrating with my dad this Saturday since he was just coming back from a long vacation! 

Monday was filled with waking up late, argh, and totally rushing around in the a.m., working late, argh, food shopping and eating late, triple argh!  Monday was annoying, but I am happy we got a food shop in at least!  I put chicken into the crock pot at night with onions, a little water and creole seasoning and this a.m. it was perfect for the chicken salad I want to make tonight! 

This morning I woke up and was going to go for a run, but I knew we would be busy tomorrow night and Clyde got the shaft on a walk last night, so I decided to take him on a long walk and when we got home I did push ups, crunches & leg lifts.  Tonight I am going to try sneak in a quick run (2-3 miles) then make chicken salad and do laundry.  Ah, what a wild life we lead! 

Tomorrow, if I don't get a run in tonight, I will be running 4 miles tomorrow a.m. and then work, then our tasting!  Yes!  I cannot wait to try all the goodies from our venue!  We invited our dads to come with us since we only could invite two people and they really aren't too invovled in general with the wedding process. 

I hope wherever you are, you are having as much beautiful weather as we are here in NJ!

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