Friday, June 21, 2013

Red Face

I felt it today, I really did!  It was easy!  The 4.5 miles flew by this a.m. and I finished strong.  My lungs felt great, my legs felt great, my feet, well they didn't feel horrible.  True is I need new sneaks and I need to get better socks.  When I run with my "running socks" my feet hurt much less.  I also need to bulk up on my blister blockers and the chafe roller.  Sexy, huh?  ahahahahah!

Although I was totally happy with my run, as I was getting ready for work I ran into a problem I totally forgot face!

This is a couple of minutes after my run.  See how red my face is, I swear it is not always that red!

I took a cold shower to cool off and my face was still completely red.  Only my face, not my neck or any other part of my body get this red.  It is really difficult to get ready in your work garbs and look like you applied blush really really wrong ahahah!  It takes me about 2 hours for my face to back to its normal color.  I think today I am going to try and figure out what causes it and how to prevent/bring it back to normal faster. 

Last night I made a killer quick and easy dinner.  I didn't take any photos, but it was a super easy recipe.  So on Monday night B and I went grocery shopping and I put a bunch of our chicken breasts we purchased into the crock pot with some water, onions and seasoning.  Tuesday a.m. I took them out of the pot and put them in the fridge.  We made chicken salad on Tues, Wed was the tasting and last night I wanted to do something different, I made kale & chicken quesadillas!  Amazing!  I cute the kale off the stems, rinsed it, cooked it in olive oil, onions and garlic.  Then I took the chicken out, pulled it apart then heated it up in the same pan with kale.  I placed the cooked kale & chicken into tortillas with an italian blend of shredded cheese, put in saute pan with a lid over and flipped.  Voula!  A perfect quick dinner that B and I really liked!  I skipped on the tortilla part and just had the kale & chicken with sprinkled parm on top to save on calories.

I am not sure where this weekend will take me, but I hope it involves a bike!  TGIF!

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