Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In the midst!

This weekend was eventful!

Friday was a low key pasta dinner.  We sat at a local staple in Hoboken, Leo's and chatted with friends and ate loads of pasta and antipasti!

Saturday was an early rise.  I wanted to beat the heat and I had to get going early so I was up at 6am.  I walked the dog and then went for my run. My goal was to do 5 miles since I was doing a 5k mud run later that day.  Well, I did 6 in the am.  I felt so great!  The heat wasn't bad at all that early, my breathing was great and the path was clear!  I definitely was cruisin.  I did run into a problem around the last mile.  I kept my Ipod in my water belt and a song came on that was slow paced.  Normally I just listen, but since it was towards the end I wanted something upbeat.  Well when I pulled the Ipod out something happened and I am not sure what!  Only one side of the headphones worked!  I know it has to do with the Ipod because I tested the phones out on B's Iphone.  I chalked it up to everything being so sweaty and didn't think about it again until last night.  Ok so after the run, I showered, changed and went to my girlfriends house so she can french braid my hair tight.  I was NOT going to let my hair get all nasty mud caked up!  After that it was a blur from meeting up with friends organizing our stuff and getting to the start.  The race itself was soooooo FUN!  B and I did it really slow.  I was already tired from my 6 miles in the am and he is not in the best shape.  We had a lot of fun getting gross and doing the obstacles together.  I have a bunch of pictures and will post as soon as I upload them.  If you haven't noticed I'm not that good at pictures!

After the run, we cleaned up and went to a bbq at my friends house.  It was really low key and really fun.  I can do that every night.  Just bbq, chat and have fun.  I really do have the best friends!  Food wise, I did ok.  Didn't completely binge but definitely ate to my satisfaction and didn't look at calories as much.

Sunday was a nap day.  Really, B and I got up, ate, walked the dog and napped slept for 4 hours!!!  Can you say tired!  All that running and chatting caught up with us big time!  After our "nap" we went food shopping for the week and planned out some meals! 

Monday I had the alarm set for early am to beat the heat, but couldn't get out of bed.  UG!  I hate when that happens!  Anyway, I worked, got new sneaks at lunch (love them, Saucony), went home and ran.  I DIDN'T WANT TO GO.  It was brutal.  It was so freaking hot and I just wasn't in the mood.  Running in the AM is energizing and an amazing feeling, running for me in the PM is exhausting and a chore!  I did my 3 miles anyway, but I was not happy about it!  My reward:  an amazing dinner that B made!  We had roasted chicken, italian string bean salad and rice.  It was so tasty!  Tonight we are taking the left over chicken and making chicken salad/lettuce wraps for dinner with sweet potato fries!  Hell yeah!  Not sure what our plans for tonight are, originally we were going to the movies (using our Optimum card for free Tues night movies) but B lost the card so now not sure.  A walk would be nice, however it is HOT AS BALLS in Hoboken right now and Clyde won't make it with his big black fur coat!  Perhaps some Wii is in order????? 

Hopefully tomorrow I can get up when the alarm goes off....I have 4 to complete!

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