Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

This last weekend was easy :)

The weather cooled off a bit and my run on Saturday morning was in a word amazing.  I ran 8 miles but felt like I could have gone forever.  I am still running at a pretty slow pace (around 10 min mile) but that is just fine with me.  Eventually I am going to get sick of the same route I take but this Saturday when running next to the Hudson was so peaceful and refreshing.  A lot of it has to do with the weather.  If it was 10 degrees hotter or humid I would be singing a completely different tone.

This weekend I am supposed to do 8 but it seems that I'm moving one more mile than my training schedule each weekend so I'm going to go for 9 :)

After the run, B and I relaxed around the apartment and then we went down to my Dad's house for dinner.  The traffic was horrible :(  I thought maybe if we left in the later afternoon there would be less traffic going down the shore and maybe there was but there definitely still was a lot of traffic.  Dinner consisted of summer veggies on the grill and grilled chicken followed by watermelon.  After dinner my Dad, B and I went for a long bike ride.  About two minutes in I realized my bike had a flat!  The bike ride was miserable!!!  I was dying!  We stayed for an hour after the ride to look through pictures of my Dad and my step mom's trip to Norway.  It was an early bedtime for B and I for sure.

Sunday B left to visit his friend in Mass for two days so I was left to my own devices, which means I watched movies all day ha!  I am lazy by nature my friends!  I did meet up for my girlfriend for an early dinner which was really nice and I called it a day early again.

One thing I haven't mentioned is B is currently unemployed :( Although I put a sad face, I'm not sad.  It is absolutely going to be the best thing for him and us.  He was working at a place that was killing him slowly, so I was actually happy when they downsized.  I know I may be feeling different later on but we are one of the lucky ones where our responsibilities are minimal right now and he already has a bunch of prospects.  Keeping the positive outlook for a while!  I must say though a girl can definitely get used to coming home to great meals, clean apt and laundry done!  B is definitely not the type of guy who likes to just waste time so when he is not searching for a job, he is keeping busy which means doing everything around the apartment!  I am really loving it ha!

Ok....back to the grind!

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