Monday, July 30, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

Friday night I got home and ate a salad with left over steak.  No cheese, very healthy....then I went ahead and ate about 6 fig newton cookies, 4 packages of Mott's fruit snacks and a whole bag of Paul Newman light butter popcorn!  FAIL!  I really do not know what my problem is sometimes.  If I do not literally eat slower than my grandma or leave the apartment as soon as dinner is over I am completely putting myself at risk for over eating!  So frustrating but hey, who knows it might have fueled my run Saturday morning.

I woke up at a reasonable time (around 7:45ish) and took Clyde for a quick walk.   I knew the weather was going to be ok all morning so me waiting to run wouldn't be the end of the world.  After C was nice and bathroomed out I changed filled my water belt up and started my run (around 8:15).  The first quarter of a mile my shins where bothering me slightly but they eased up and it was easy breezy for a while.  The weather by the water was perfect, not too hot with a nice breeze.  The music was interesting.  I ranged from listening to Korn, Bob Marley, MGMT, Rolling Stones and god knows who else.  I really need to make play list.  Currently I keep it on shuffle and never fast forward because if anything it makes me focus on a new song that I haven't heard in a while.  I knew I was running farther than I had ever in any training so I was really happy when I got home and saw it was 10:20.  I ran for two hours straight and it felt great.  I am consistent to between a 9 and 10 minute mile, but I did have a bad step and twisted my ankle a bit about an hour and half into my run so I sat for 5 minutes to turn it around and stretch it out before I got back on it.  I am thinking I ran 11.5 miles and closer to a 10 minute mile pace.  It felt great!  I am really so excited with how great my body is feeling to the long runs!

After the run I had lunch with my friends at Havana in Hoboken.  I have read some not so good reviews and some good reviews.  We went for Saturday Brunch and I loved it.  The food was cheap and very tasty.  I definitely would get the chicken empanada again!  After brunch B and I made roasted chicken, mashed sweet potatoes and salad for dinner.  It was amazing!  B went out for the night but I was just way to tired to spend the night on my legs and drinking so I opted to stay in.  Mistake!  I should have went to the movies!  I repeated the same thing I did on Friday night! Eat, eat, eat!  I went to bed pretty early.  But god bless him, B came home around 2am feeling like a over 30 yr old man who had way too much to drink feels.  So I was up for an hour fussing with him because he was A HOT MESS.

Sunday was so nice, we woke up early and hit a local diner (Brownstone, was on Diner, Drive ins & Dives) with B's best friend and his family.  I love being around their family, they are such great little kids and just really nice people.  I ate like a football player would eat.  This weekend was such a bust with food I'm just ashamed!  After dinner we walked by the water with the kids and talked.  It was really fun.  When we got home we napped, woke back up and ate dinner around 7pm.  Thank god dinner was ok for me and I didn't binge afterward.  This morning I woke up ate toast with peanut butter and am going to keep it really simple this week.  Lunch, salad, dinner shake.  I didn't run this am, but I couldn't get to sleep last night because I napped so long and was excited about the Olympics, so I checked the weather and it is supposed to stay cool tonight.  The plan tonight is come home, run, shake, walk C & bed!  That is the plan....

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