Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Being healthy by environment

Well, the wedding adventure is over!  It was so beautiful in the Outer Banks and they had perfect weather for their special day! 

We got there around 3pm on Wednesday night and stayed in the house with the bridal party (B is a groomsman).  The house was massive!  Three levels and tons of bedrooms each with their own bathroom, views of the ocean, a movie theater room, pool and much more!  They had a welcome BBQ that night which was filled with ribs, salads, mac n cheese and so many other delicious foods!  I actually stuck to a pretty decent plate of salads and veggies.  I was drinking though.  Pinot!  Usually when I drink my appetite is minimal.  This is me and B on the porch swing outside our room right before the BBQ was about to begin.

He is so serious and I'm a total cheese ball!

We woke up super early to seize the beautiful weather and my girlfriend Marisa and I went for a run.  It wasn't the easiest run, hungover and kind of out of shape, but I think we did about 2.5 miles and walked on the beach back.  After the run we hit up the beach and chilled out for most of the day on Thursday.  It was beautiful out but the water was way too cold to swim, so it was mostly just sitting on the beach.  Then came lunch!  I mean it's vacation, so you want to eat like fat lards right?  Wrong!  The people that where in the house, who where awesome btw, all ate really healthy.  I mean grilled chicken and grilled veggies healthy!  They were up for runs, training for iron mans, doing it all and you know what, it's contagious.  I wanted to do those things and eat like they did.  It felt good.  It goes to show you how it is easier to have a healthy lifestyle if your partner has one!  It spreads! 

Thursday night was the rehearsal dinner, I only drank a little bit and ate pretty modestly.  B was having a great time and I was getting so tired and wanted to make sure I was ready to go for the wedding day the next day so Marisa and I walked back to our houses.  It was about a mile away and I saw a shooting star!!!  No joke!  I made a wish and will remember that star forever!!!!  Actually the whole sky in the Outer Banks looks like a planetarium.  So many stars, it was so peaceful.  I went to bed super early and woke up around 7am ready to GO!  Marisa and I went for another run (B had a lot of groomsman duties to do during the week) and then started helping out. 

Friday consisted of everyone helping out to put together the reception/ceremony area and making everything just right for the bride and groom.  The finished product was beautiful and the bride and groom where stunning!  A total success!  I would post pictures of the bride/groom, but I didn't take any with my phone :(  I forgot it!  I took some with my friends phone and she is going to send to me!  She did send me one of me and B though!  This is near the water where they had their ceremony.

I actually hate what I'm doing here, but B looks like a hottie!

The wedding was over and we finished the weekend kind of lounging and driving of course!!!!  Outer Banks is not a hop and a skip away from Hoboken, NJ.  Sunday we got back after spending time with our respective mothers and crashed!  Monday was back to work and busy busy busy!

Today, Brendan said he is starting a full on diet.  Let's hope we can keep a healthy environment that was down there!  I felt great eating those foods and being so active.  I hope we can keep it up and lose some lbs in the process!  Let's not forget my fitting is June 8th!!!!  Holy Moly! 

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