Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This is a pivotal weekend for me for a couple reasons:

1.  I'm going to turn 31 on May 26th
2.  I have to officially start training next week
3.  Summer starts

Ok, maybe not that pivotal, but the official start to training is a big mental date in my head!  July marks the time frame when most people start full on training, but June is when I condition myself for my consistency runs.  I will be running four days a week, around 2-6 miles depending on the days.  I know that is not a big deal, however the consistency is what gets me into the habit of training and trust me, if anything, you need to feel like it is second nature to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and run, sometimes for hours.  Once you know it's just what is done then there is no getting out of it.  At least that is what worked for me last year and I felt good last year.  I am a fan of the morning run for a couple of reasons.  First, you get it over with, second you feel good (no belly full of food) and third there is not thinking about it, you wake up and go.  That is the goal of June.  To wake up and go and get into that mode.

Also, I am going to be 31!  I'm excited about this one.  I pretty much had a mental breakdown last year, turning 30 was a big bummer for me.  I am not 100% sure why, but it was.  This year, I really don't mind.  I'm going to be 31 and this year is going to be amazing!  I will get married, run a marathon, go to France and perhaps many other life changing things.  I'm excited for all of them!  31 is going to be great!

Summer starting, well it is, but hell I just couldn't think of a number three, ha!  I love summer and everything that goes with it.  The heat, the sweat, the sun, the thunder storms!  I love it all! 

I spoke before about doing a modified master cleanse this week, it didn't happen.  That thing called life got in the way, but the next two weeks I have cleared my calendar (it really is a matter of clearing social obligations) to do the following cleanse:

Breakfast   Master Cleanse Lemonade
Lunch        Salads (piled on with healthy options, but a big salad)
Dinner       Master Cleanse Lemonade and large glass of almond milk

Snacks - Lemonade or teas

Yes, this is not the cleanse, but the lemonade is really great at satisfying any hunger pangs I have and I need a lunch.  I know that about myself and I want to have something that can give me a boost to lose some pounds before training, but not tire me out completely.

This weekend will be filled with BBQs!  I am prepared though, each BBQ I have a plan of attack when it comes to healthy options!  I'll try take photos to recap on Tuesday!  Have a healthy and happy Memorial Day weekend!   God Bless our United States Armed Forces, your lives where not taken in vain!

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