Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stress eating

I hear this a lot, I stress eat and I eat when I'm depressed.  That sucks!  Seriously, I know I am one of the luckier ones that actually lose my appetite when I am stressed or depressed.  I can't imagine going through something that is making me completely stressed or depressed and then gaining weight on top of that.  I truly feel horrible for people that have that tendency.  I am, however, a bored eater.  When I have zero to do and the TV is looking good and the kitchen is about 10 steps away from the couch, I look for whatever item I can sit, zone out and pop into my mouth.  Sooooo, I usually try and keep items that I can't do that with.  Like items I literally have to cook.  That is not part of the "lazy/bored" equation so I tend to not to pick.  I know this is not a normal way of life, especially if you have a family including children, but for now that works.

Anyway, I digress.  I ate, eh, this Saturday.  It was a beautiful day, so C and I took a 3 hour walk!  So nice and Clyde was kaput!  Then I went to my moms/grams and my sister came over and we stuff my wedding invites and worked on another wedding project.  It was really nice, so I was happy and just chilling, so I ate.  Nothing too crazy, just a typical trip to family over eating session.  Well the next morning something happened that completely stressed me out and Sunday my appetite was minimal, until I calmed down around dinner time after I worked off some steam walking around Hoboken and doing crunches!  It is so weird how our bodies are effected by feelings.  I was at a point of pure anger and I felt it all through my body.  It took me physically pushing myself a little and talking to friends to get it out.  I felt calm again, relaxed.  I will say this over and over but I am LUCKY.  I can do that.  I know because I see it with my family members that being sad/depressed is no joke.  I am so freaking lucky that I can get it out of my system and it's gone.  I mean it isn't like forgetting anything, just that feeling in my body is gone.  Eating healthy is one thing, but mental health is just as important if not more.  It is not something you can ignore and will effect your physical health as well.  Thank god we live in a society where it is much more acceptable to receive mental health care.

Other than that, not much has been going on since this weekend.  Working, soaking in whatever time I have outside in this amazing weather. Spring is finally here!  And making Pizza Muffins!  Remember those?  English Muffin pizzas?  I haven't made them in years!  Well B and I ate a dinner of just Pizza Muffins :)  It was delicious and made me think of being a kid!  Check out my plate!

I do love me some crushed red pepper!

Today is one of my besties from forever birthday out in LA.  I'm sending love and happiness vibes as far as I can....hopefully they can reach her!  Happy Birthday Kristin!

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