Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I can blog!

Yay!  No more errors!  Ok, so I have done a lot since my last post, too much to remember, but I did save my 4th of July post that didn't work.  Since then running has been great, I am 100% on schedule with my plan and even though it feels like I am running in a sauna, I get my ass out there and even have taken on the "stevens hills" already (3.5 + hills this am)!  This weekend is 8 miles, I wonder what time I should wake up to do that! 

Tonight I'm heading down to TR and get to see my nephew!!!!  Can't even explain how excited I am!  I will def take a picture and post about it tomorrow.

Below is my post from 4th of July which I saved!

Happy Independence Day weekend America!!!

This long weekend was hot hot HOT!  Wednesday night, B and I had dinner with friends.  It was great to catch up with them, however the place we frequent a lot and had dinner was having a really bad night!  They were out of pretty much everything, they overcooked our pizza and the service was pretty bad.  It is a shame, we loved that place, but probably will not go again for a long time.  We had wine and some after dinner cocktails at another local place, then called it a night around midnight.

Thursday we woke up early, but no early enough.  It was way too hot for me to do a run so we took Clyde on a decent walk and B napped all day.  It was 4th of July and we had plans to go to a friend’s family barbecue and B wanted to “rest up” before the night of bbq started!  I, on the other hand, got really bored.  I worked on some wedding stuff, did a light clean then decided to go for a bike ride.  I was thinking that since I would be moving the “breeze” from movement would be enough to keep me from passing out!  Most of the trails by the water where closed off for the fireworks, but I did get a pretty decent hour bike ride in.  Then when I got home, Clyde decided to show me how patriot he was by posing with his red, white and blue toy!

At the BBQ I made really good food choices…at first.  I had the grilled chicken, the salads and stuck to the low cal foods.  Then, after way too much Twisted Teas, I went nuts.  Deserts, potato salad, hamburger.  Ugh.  That along with the calories of the “teas” really made me feel sluggish and fat the next day.  Friday, B had to do work at his parents and I felt like sh*t.  I dropped him off and went home.  Sat at home doing nothing and ordered some fried food around 2pm.  My stomach was on the fritz and it helped.  Bad cycle.  Drink, eat bad, eat worse to ease stomach pain from drinking.  Yeah, that will not be happening for a long time!  I went to pick B up around 6 and we had a nice grilled dinner with his parents.  I wasn’t feeling 100%, but that dinner at least felt good.

Saturday came and went.  It was 100 degrees literally and just a dead humid heat.  B and I stayed pretty much in our undies on our bed all day.  We met up with friends for a late dinner, but the food choices where all very good.  Sunday was another hot day, but I was babysitting!  My friends where moving so I watched their toddler for a couple hours and it was fun!  He is a very good boy, so it was pretty easy!  He waded in his pool for a bit, but even that was hot! 

This morning I woke up and ran.  Even though it was still really hot, I couldn’t put it off anymore.  It wasn’t fun and I didn’t feel great.  I knew it was all because of the heat, but it didn’t matter.  I was bummed with how hard it was.  Tonight B and I are having a super healthy dinner of black bean burgers and veggies then going for a bike ride!  Believe it or not, I’m really hoping for some rain to cool off the heat!

I have a big day ahead for me tomorrow and I can’t wait to get to it!
Also, here is another bonus picture of Clyde meeting a little pittbull puppy, swooooooooooooon!

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