Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Long trip with a sweet ending!

I rented a movie, I Give It A Year, and ran to the buses.  It was a maze of people and smells, but I found the bus to Toms River!  Alas, I made it to the back of the line, which was winding and turning in all directions to keep up with the massive amount of people waiting.  Lucky me, I got onto my bus!  One cute and funny movie later I arrived in Toms River, exhausted, but not a bad ride!  I got back to my grams talked to her and my mom and waited for my brother and nephew to arrive.  Around 8:30 I saw his little head pop out of the car!  It has been a year, but my little silly nephew was here and still...silly!  The energy a happy child brings into a room is electric!  I wish he lived nearby so much!  Here he is in the middle of eating a ton of meatballs and pizza.

A little fuzzy because he was moving around, but look at that smile!

As you can probably tell, his mother is Philippine and man is that a dominant gene!  Such a good looking boy!  After a couple of hours, we were completely zonked and all called it a night.  I woke up at 5:45am and started my morning.  I had to catch a 6:45am bus back to NYC, so I was showered and eating cereal by 6:05am.  To my surprise Gav woke up and gave me a big hug and kiss goodbye!  Not the worst way to start a morning!

Not sure what my plans are for tonight.  We have some wedding planning we have to do, but other than that I am looking forward to a low key night.

Tomorrow am, a medium run (prob 4-5 miles).  My long run is going to be on Sunday this week, 8 miles, so I will be running tomorrow and Friday am!

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