Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It's only Wednesday, but it is a Friday in our office!  We have off tomorrow and Friday and I am so excited!  One of my best girlfriends moved into the suburbs in April and I do not get to see her as much as I had when she lived three blocks down and we are spending 4th of July together!  So excited to hang with her and her fam!

Can I tell you, I felt great today!  I ran 5.5 miles this am and it was awesome!  I used my micoach app to make sure that I didn't start off too fast.  I kept my first two miles within the 9-10 minute mile pace instead of the 8-9 minute mile pace I have been starting off at.  The first mile consisted of working on my breathing and making sure my strides where complete (meaning rolling my feet all the way through and expanding my stride to a comfortable distance).  I put band aids on my feet to avoid blistering, but they weren't the blister bandages I usually purchase, just regular band aids.  Although they work in the beginning, they tend to move so towards the very end I felt the blisters popping up.  I really need to purchase my gear and new sneakers now that I think about it.  Anyway, at mile one I felt great, I knew I could push farther than the 4.5 miles I did on Monday and so I took a quick glance at what time it was and saw I had enough time to add more distance.  It was that simple, one mile in I knew what type of run I was going to have.  Now I have been running for a very long time and this is the second marathon I am training for, so it took many, MANY runs before I was able to identify what my body feels during a run, but once I did I was able to take in the view and coast.  I decided that I should snap a shot and share the view I am so lucky to see each run.

Beautiful, NYC.  That is lower Manhattan, the large building is the Freedom Tower (where the World Trade Towers used to be)  It was hot, but a beautiful morning.

After my run, I took C to the dog park and stretched.  I wore a cotton shirt running and it was a mistake, but I didn't have anything clean that I saw in my groggy state when I woke up at 5:45am.  Cotton just isn't a great material when you sweat.  It is heavy and it can chafe.  I didn't have to worry about chaffing because it just wasn't that long of a run to cause it, but any long runs past 10 miles you have to be in your best running gear.  I'm talking quick dry running shorts (they are undies that are like booty shorts), quick dry shirts and I wear cycling shorts.  I also use a bunch of other gear that I put on my body, which I spoke about last year and will again this year once I enter those longer runs. 

I got ready for work and then at work, I decided to take another picture, this time of my foot!  This puppy is the never ending blister!  This is what I need to get the correct bandages for.  It heals, but new ones just start forming underneath.  The blister bandage that is kind of like another layer of skin I put on works wonders, but if I don't use it, see below!

You have been warned!!!

Also, I'm sorry that my feet are kind of gross looking.  My toenails are painted and cute, but I can't really get pedi's when I'm training (too embarrassed) and the bottoms of my feet kind don't get the attention they deserve!  Also I wear flip flops in the summer and walking around Hoboken/NYC in flip flops = not best idea.

I am hoping we are going to get out of work a little early today, then B and I are hitting up Dozzino's for dinner and getting our Hot Onion pizza on!  The best pizza, seriously that Hot Onion is the best flipping pizza!  I am not sure, but I think I am going to have wine with dinner, I have off tomorrow and I only plan on doing a 2.5 or 3 mile run, so if I have a little too much wine, aight no thang! 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!  God Bless America!

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