Monday, January 23, 2012

Coming down

Well to say these last couple of weeks have been busy would be the understatement of the year! I have been swamped! Working like a mad woman and getting things together for friends showers, birthdays, babies, whatever! Life is coming at me hard!!!

First the pros:
1. Get to spend quality time with good friends
2. Having great food, wine & convo
3. Each time something is completed there is an immediate feeling of gratification
4. I never am bored
5. Learning

1. Constant feeling of exhaustion
2. Not much time for physical activity
3. Stress from lack of time vs stuff need to be done
4. Time is flying by

So overall on the stats: I lost one pound last week (total 9lbs since first started week of 12/05). I weigh in tomorrow. I'm going to hit the gym HARD tonight! I got to the gym on Sat (definitely did not want to go) but ran and felt great. Knocked three miles off my goal. I haven't run in a week or two, instead I have been going to spin. I love both of those activities right now. I might try a new one this week, but those are the classic go tos. I knocked a TON off my "to do list". The shower that I am throwing (with other bridesmaids) is pretty much all prepared, we are finalizing the bacherlette party this week. Those where both major stressers in my head! A large project at work is coming to a close, also a huge releif. In three weeks I'm goign to Jamiaca so honestly I'm going to close the books on a lot of stuff so when I'm down there I can just be complete Zen!!!

I have some more stuff to write about, but not enough time now and no pics sorry :( I definitly will be posting my weight loss (or gain :( ) tomorrow, with some more updates!

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