Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Jan Sunshine

This weekend in NJ the sun was a'shinin! On Saturday it was about 50 degrees. Amazing! I hit the outside activity super early. Friday night consisted of board games and wine with friends. It started late because I had to work late, but boy did it end late. We were having so much fun that when B and I glanced at the clock it read 3am!!! What! We left shortly after that and went to bed. Clyde had me up early. Like 9am, not super early for a normal day, but early after a 3am night. I was not too please with having to start my am (also was a bit hung over) but as soon as I walked a block and let the sun soak in, I really wanted to walk it up. I was lucky my best friend was up and she and her doggie, Kayla, wanted to join along. I can take long walks but they seem to go faster with a friend! We walked and talked for a little over and hour and half. It was awesome and Clyde was tuckered out!

After that I made a large breakfast for B, Maris and I. I had a small scoop of scrambled eggs with a lot of cheese, one slice of bacon and two pieces of whole wheat toast. It was very satisfying and filled me up. I am not a huge egg fan, but when I do eat them they fill me up. After breakfast I had to go to a final shower meeting to go through the event plans. I am throwing my bff a bridal shower with the other bridesmaids. It ended up being really fun and we got lost in conversation. 2.5 hours later I glanced at the clock and it was 4pm! I had dinner reservations with my Mom at 5! Ug! Second time this weekend I lost track of time. For dinner we tried Ethopian food. That's right Ethopian! Verdict: Yummy! We went to a place in Montclair called Mesob. We had a meat sampler and veggie sampler since we have never tried Ethopian and didn't know what to order. The bread used to eat everything with was a crepe like texture and consistancy with a sourdough taste. It worked really well with the spices. I think I ended up eating most of the lentils, but everything was pretty good. After dinner we walked around Montclair and went to a little coffee shop. I was pretty tired from a long day so we went home and went to sleep around 10pm.

Sunday brought more sunshine. Cooler but the morning was pretty warm. I walked again! This time with my other bff, Danielle and her adorable baby. We walked up and down the same street (about a mile long) for two hours! It was pretty funny I am sure Clyde was like seriously the same smells again! He definately got a full workout this weekend, but like I said before when it's cold he gets such a crappy walks I like to work him hard when it's nice!

My weigh in with WW is tomorrow. I am thinking I lost weight, hoping for 3lbs. I gained last week so I worked hard to try and have a bigger loss this week. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow. For now, back to the grind!

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