Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm a loser...of fat :) I lost 3lbs this week, wahoo!! That means that I am down a total of 12 since starting! So happy with this weigh in! This weekend was the shower, check out a picture, I'm in the polka dots!

I was being a good bridesmaid and organzing gifts as my bride opened. I was super nervous about the shower. One I was nervous about how much I would eat drink, but it ended up being ok. I kept my eating down to a ton of veggies and a decent sized dinner. However this happened to be the most fun shower ever and we ended up dancing until 3am. I am thinking I probably worked off some of those calories. Oh and I loaded up on wine woopsies! Sunday I ate ok, a lot of carbs though. Exercise wise I took a long walk on Saturday and danced and danced and on Sunday I was lazy. Last night I hit up an hour spin class and sweat it up! I got a really bad nights sleep so I'm going to go home after work, eat dinner and just take my dog out for a long walk. I plan to get a run in on Wed though :) I leave for Jamaica in a week and half. I know this is a crazy goal but I would love to lose 4lbs by then! I'm going to hit it hard my friends! (the gym that is)

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