Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Done and Done

I feel very accomplished this chilly morning. Last night I went to go to the 6:30 spin class(you have to sign up 30min in advance) only to realize the schedule had changed and the class was moved to 7pm. Instead of waiting around, I decided to start working out as soon as I got there and will hit the spin class a later time this week. I did the eliptical and ran. I knocked two miles off my 365 mile goal and I felt pretty good doing it. I must say it is very lucky that running is like riding a bike for me. So easy to get right back out there.

This AM I did this:

That's right! It is official, I am all signed up for the Nov 4, 2012 ING NYC Marathon! Like I said prior, I got a guarenteed entry by running in 9 races in 2011 and volunteering in one.

Also, yesterdays weigh in at WW was dismal. Up 2lbs, but wouldn't you know it. One day of working out and monitor my eating this AM I was down those 2lbs. Hopefully next week I can see a loss of 4lbs so in total the last two weeks would be 2lbs lost on an avg. I like seeing that average. Overall, the last two weeks (Xmas & New Years) brought me a loss of 0.8lbs. I am not upset and I am feeling good! Let me reiterate though, my Resolution is about running. The weight loss is just so I won't hurt myself while training and lets face it a pretty nice perk to the Resolution :) Until tomorrow!

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