Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sometimes Life Happens....

Last night I got free tickets to see the Rangers play the Coyotes!!! The seats where awesome. They were at MSG and about 20 seats from the rink. It was my first professional Hockey game and it did not dissapoint. It went into a second round shoot out! The vibe was fun and the arena was really very nice. I haven't been to MSG since 2004. Overall a great night for B and I. We started off by going to a place by his office, HB Burger. It was very tasty. I had two classes of Chard and a Prime burger w/out the bun and a side salad instead of fries. The burger was to die for and complemented the salad better than fries would have! I also had one of the fried pickle spears and one of the "tator tots" B ordered for an appitizer. At the ice rink I had one cider and one more glass of wine. I did a lot of walking in NYC, but didn't make it to the gym for obvious reasons. Stuff like this happens in life, you have a plan for the night then somebody throws you a curveball. All I can do is make a good choice at the time. I'm not bummed at all about the calories I consumed and I know I didn't leave wanted for anything. I weighed myself this am, and guess what, no weight gain! Learning to accept change and adjust is probably the best lesson I have learned so far in weight watchers. Instead of saying fuck it, I'm going to eat 1/2 of the appitizers, eat a burger w/fries and booze it up all night just because my first plan fell through is stupid and would have led to a weight gain. I am going to try get to the 6:30 spin class tonight and go hard!

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