Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Etools with WW, rock! I just got on and started using them today and I must say, very user friendly. Highly recommend to any new WW people! I weighed in today. Nadda. No gain, no lose. I guess I'm ok with it. I did over induldge this weekend so I should be happy with no gain, but I'm not! Not that I think I deserve a loss, but I'm upset I didn't work hard enough to lose one this week. That is why I went on etools today. Manually writing it all down is annoying and I just don't do it. Online is much more my flow. This week I'm going to write all my food down and stay within points and see where I land next Tuesday. I'm averaging a 1.2lb loss per week....this pace will get me to my destination, slow as hell, but it will :)

I hit the gym last night and ran 2 miles and then did the bike for 20min. I got up this am for a 30min Eliptical and 10min up hill walk. Like I said last post my week last week was just so hectic and non active that I'm just going to get a little gym whenever I can! So these little 40min workouts are going to have to be good enough until I can get the time to focus and spend on weights, etc.

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