Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Weekend

This weekend was a blur of fun and duty. The fun consisted of going to an amazing Brazilian Barbecue place in Newark, NJ Fernandes. I did not get the Rodizio, because I really just cannot eat that much meat, but the fish is so amazing there as well. I had a great swordfish with pretty much a bottle of Chardonay. After the Chardonay, it was not my finest hour, but definatly one of the most fun times :) B and I spend New Years on the DL, because after a couple of years of going out and wild, we found that we really just enjoy ringing the New Year in with quiet and each other. This year we went to a friends for a low key night. It was top notch. Included, Lobster, Board Games, Dancing, so fun!

So far all I have listed is the fun, but there was def duty. Cleaning duty to be exact! We got the Xmas tree down (I know it's fast, but honestly we live in an apt and with the holidays over, I really don't want to see it), did all of the laundry including blankets, comforters, etc. detailed the couch, cleaned bathrooms, etc. The place looks sparkling. Definately a good way to get back into the work week. We also did some grocery shopping and went to our friends to celebrate his birthday and give the kids thier xmas presents (B is the godfather of his daughter).

I weigh in today with WW and NOT looking forward to it. I am pretty sure I gained at least one lb. I lost 6lbs in the last three weeks, so I am trying not to be upset, but hopefully this time next week will show a loss and I can feel better.

As far as my running goal. I didn't get any runs in the last two days, so I am still at 365 to go. Tonight I want to hit a spin class, but depending on how I feel after, I might sneak in a mile. If not I will definatly get some milage in this week for sure. I am not worried about my goal though, because to tell you the truth, training for my marathon will hit my goal and then some anyway. That kind of sounds like my goal is lame, but hey you try it!

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