Monday, September 10, 2012

Gross Training Issues

I did my 17miles.  Got up at 5am on Saturday to beat the heat, but it didn't work, it was quite humid at 5:30am when I actually started running.  Today feels like Fall so I'm going to be hopeful that the bad heat is over.  I ran it in 3 hours and one minute.  Running at that pace will not get me to a finish of 4 1/2 hours, but hell at this point I don't really care, as long as I finish and run it all.  I do think I will run faster game day, one because it should be cooler and two because I am hopeful that I will not have to go to the bathroom as much. 

This post is going to focus on the nitty griddy of nasty training problems.

I had to stop three times this run to go to the bathroom.  *****This is gross***** I am not talking about drinking too much water and heading to the restroom, I am talking about knowing exactly where the accessible bathrooms are on my runs because I get horrible urges of diarrhea.  I did read about this and I know it is common, but I think this week was just horrible.  I read a little more this weekend and I think I did this to myself a bit.  One, I ate a black bean veggie burger and other high fiber items two nights in a row the nights before, two, I wear my water belt really tight against my stomach to avoid chaffing but I think it causes pressure on my tummy, and three, it was really hot and I think my body was just over worked to the point of losing control.  I will be awake at 4:30am on D-day and will probably not start running until 9:30am, so I am thinking the anxiety and nerves will make me flush out whatever I have in my system.  Also, since there will be available water/Gatorade throughout the course I am not going to wear my belt, so there will be no added pressure to my tummy.  Hopefully this works because honestly stopping is adding major time to my run also it disturbs my flow.

The second gross injury I have gotten is losing toenails!  WTF!!!!  I bought shoes a 1/2 size bigger than my normal size as you are supposed to do, but I guess one of my toes are still rubbing against the top of the sneaker.  It is the same toe on each of my feet and they aren't off yet, but I feel them coming off, loose, etc.  I have to run tonight and I wouldn't be surprised if I came home and they were just completely off.  They are the toes next to the little pinky, at least not the big toe right!  Seriously, that is some gross shit and it is irritating and painful.

The third gross injury I am feeling is chaffing.  I had chaffing and blisters on my feet, under my boobs and back and an adjustment in clothing and proper wrapping had helped on all of those injuries, but what I still have issues with are my butt cheeks!  I did buy new Nike dry fit booty shorts that I shove up my bum so they are rubbing against each other, but it doesn't work 100%.  The chaffing of my bum doesn't last too long, but the first shower after my run makes me want to cry!  I am going to try rubbing the anti-friction stuff I got inside my cheeks next week to see if that works, but I'm not holding my breathe.

Other than that I have been lucky overall.  No leg injuries or bad knees, no breathing problems or anything I can't get past.  That being said, I definitely do not feel my sexiest! 

This weekend was super bad with food/booze.  Sat night was my good friends bday and B and I went buck nutty with the booze and food bad for us!  Dang!  I am thinking I blew whatever amazing weight I saw last week.  I am going to hold off until Wed to really pay the piper! 

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