Friday, September 28, 2012


I have been slacking and I can't deny it.

I ran Tuesday, a measly 5 miles and that was it.  I just couldn't get motivated.  Can you believe it after rocking the 18miler I just went kaput?  It is shameful, but hell, it is a fact.  Tomorrow I'm going to run 20miles and I know I will pay for my lack of effort this week.  It is almost like the 18miler was the marathon and I just gave myself a "bye" week.  I missed 13 miles this week and that is no joke.  Even writing this is making me annoyed at myself.

Also, I have been eating bad, a direct correlation no doubt.  I think I know what it was.  Like I said in previous posts, B has been unemployed for about 2 1/2 months.  Well, he was going for a position that is amazing for him and there has been a lot of stress on the wait game.  I am proud to say that he got an offer this am and it is going to be amazing for us.  We are both very lucky that during this economic time we are getting by just fine.  I really do feel blessed, but all week we were up together talking and getting stress out.  All week!!! I didn't sleep that much, ate really bad and skipped runs.  It is crazy how a little curve ball in life can take such a monumental switch in your routine!

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