Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Put down the chips

Last night was a doozy as far as food. 

Let me set a little stage for you.  My fiancee has been unemployed for a couple of weeks.  Trust me, we are thrilled about it, well not the unemployment part in general but the change of pace, he was working himself into an early grave.  Any who, he started baking and cooking with his available time and let me tell you, he is an amazing cook.   Amazing!  I have come home to ribs falling off the bone, a swiss chard casserole (who knew you could even do that), blueberry cobbler, homemade donuts, amazing cornbread, the list can go on and on.  Needless to say that if I wasn't running like a mad woman I would probably be 500lbs! 

Well, last night we had left over chili (that I made) and he whipped up some cornbread.  His cornbread is insane, moist, perfectly airy and so tasty.  It is really hard to have one big piece.  Well I kind of zoned out, I think my stomach is getting used to eating so much amazing food that the left over chili and only one fresh baked good didn't do it enough for me.  WTF!  I mean I had a bowl of turkey chili over brown rice and cornbread.  I was full.  I definitely was full.  What did I do?  I went for those freaking chips!  Dude, Lays Honey BBQ chips are the most amazing flavored chips ever created.

I just did you a disservice if you never had them and are intrigued to get them now.  I actually do not like having them in the house because I am that weak to them.  So there I was, full and eating these freakin chips.  Brendan took all of his strength (I am dead serious on this one because I have physically hurt him before when he tried to put an end to my eating) and mustered up a "honey, I think you will be disappointed in yourself if you continue to eat the chips".  Aahahahha.  I mean he was completely right, I really was already disappointed with myself for going for them after being completely full (ps I had popcorn too), but it made me laugh because I knew he was afraid of my reaction.  I think to his surprise, I said you are right and gave him the chips to put back, because I wasn't that strong to put them back myself (or I was just totally lazy, either way).  There you have, crisis semi averted. I weighed myself today.  From last Wed no gain, no lose either.  Until I learn to walk away from the flipping food when I'm full I am pretty much going to continue this crap.  Well, here goes another week of trying...

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