Friday, September 21, 2012

Training is moving along.  Another seven miles where run last night.  First two felt a little achy.  It is weird how I can run so much but I do not get into a nice easy stride until a mile or two in, no matter what.  I came home to curry chicken kabobs and homemade pumpkin donuts for dinner.  I ate about 1/2 a donut overall and that was hard.  They were amazing and calling my name.  We have a bunch left over so I'll take some pictures of B's work when I get home.  The kebabs where awesome!  I made some quick brown rice with curry powder and salt dissolved in the water before I put the rice in.  Perfection!  I took them for lunch today.  This is a picture of my leftovers reheated and waiting for me to eat!

Did you notice how amazing the setting is?  I ate my lunch in Central Park this afternoon. It was so beautiful out and I read.  So calming.  I literally get to checkout for an hour enjoy the weather and chill.  Only thing missing is a nice glass of wine!  I am reading the book Gone Girl, I pretty much have not put it down.  I definitely recommend it.  Check out my awesome kindle cover, jealous???

Tonight is a very special night.  I am going out with three of my best friends for a night out (one is my sister bonus!).  We grew up together.  Literally I knew them longer than I can remember.  One is my sisters age, one is  year younger than me and one is my sister.  I do not know too many people who have had friends that long and are still so close.  Tonight we are heading to an awesome cafe, I think I blogged about it before maybe, but it is made of caves, you sit in a cave ha and then going to see “The House on the Left”!  Spooky ya’ll!  First though I will be getting in a quick five miler, ah yes, always my life revolves around running...A.L.W.A.Y

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